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using System.Collections; public class Timer : IHttpModule, ITimingModule { public Timer() { } protected ArrayList _alRequestDurations = new ArrayList(); public void Init(HttpApplication httpApp) { httpApp.BeginRequest += new EventHandler(this.OnBeginRequest); httpApp.EndRequest += new EventHandler(this.OnEndRequest); } public void Dispose() { } public void OnBeginRequest(object o, EventArgs ea) { DateTime dateTimeBeginRequest = DateTime.Now; HttpContext ctx; ctx = HttpContext.Current; ctx.Items["dateTimeBeginRequest"] = dateTimeBeginRequest;
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You can use this choice to create a drop-down list, radio buttons, or in the case of multiple selections, checkboxes. Enter the choices you want to appear in the Type each choice on a separate line text box, as shown in Figure 4-2.
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In the HatShop e-commerce application, the pipeline will look like the one in Figure 13-2.
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5 . . Open web .config in your application . It should now include an entry for Copyright .
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Practice 1: On a server running Windows Server 2003, install Network Moni tor tools from the Windows Server 2003 CD-ROM. If the server is multihomed, specify the network on which you want to capture data. Practice 2: Use Network Monitor to capture data frames sent to and from a network adapter on your server. Find the following information in a frame: the protocol in use, the IP address of the source computer, the destination IP address of the frame, the source Media Access Control (MAC) address, and the destination MAC address. Practice 3: Configure a Network Monitor view filter to view captured frames by protocol and by communicating host. Practice 4: Use System Monitor to view data generated by the Network Interface object counters. Use the Performance console to capture a baseline log for network traffic. Configure an alert that fires when the Network Interface: Bytes Total/sec counter exceeds a predefined value, and then trigger the alert by transferring a large file across your network.
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After you nd out about a new patch, you need to decide whether it s relevant to your environment. If all your client computers are running Windows Vista SP1 (and they should be!), a patch that applies only to Windows XP isn t really relevant to your environment. However, if the patch is a critical security update for the 2007 Microsoft Of ce system and you run that in your environment, you ll need to apply it. When you determine that a patch is relevant to your environment, you need to obtain the patch from a known and trusted source. For a Microsoft patch, this generally means downloading it directly from Microsoft. With SBS, this means letting WSUS download the patch by synchronizing, but we ll get to the gory details of WSUS later. Find the relevant Knowledge Base article for the patch and then cut and paste the link to the download page directly into your browser. Do not click the link in an e-mail to get your patch. Even when you have veri ed that the e-mail is really from Microsoft and is a legitimate e-mail, you shouldn t click the links. Get into the habit of always using cut and paste. When you use cut and paste to put a link into your browser, you greatly reduce the likelihood of a phishing attack being unknowingly redirected to a site that looks exactly like the site you expected to go to, but is actually
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Open the Windows SBS Console if it isn t already open. Click Network in the navigation bar and then click the Connectivity tab. Select VPN Connection in the main pane and then click Con gure A Virtual Private Network in the Tasks pane to start the Set Up Virtual Private Networking Wizard shown in Figure 19-33.
Local System
Let me explain the meaning of AL .exe s command-line switches:
Note PayPal can automatically tell your web site when a payment is completed through the Instant Payment Notification feature. Using this feature can make things easier for the site administrator because he or she wouldn t need to manually check orders for which payment was received; however, we won t use this feature in HatShop because it s too specific to PayPal. Consult the documentation of the payment provider you choose to check what specific features they have prepared for you to play with.
It is a line chart without lines with three data series that only displays the markers of the data points . The vertical lines that are standing on the category axis are drop lines (access: Chart Tools/Layout/Analysis/Lines) . The data from column C is (or would be) completely visible as markers; however, for the maximum and minimum, they are covered by the markers of the other data series .
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