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Coho Vineyard and Coho Winery are separate but closely linked organizations. They both use private networks with private addressing schemes. Coho Vineyard has imple mented a Windows Server 2003 Active Directory domain. A server called Vine yardRRAS that is running Windows Server 2003 provides a secure communications link with Coho Winery.
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In addition to the modes just described, the garbage collector supports synchronization-free allocations . On a multiprocessor system, generation 0 of the managed heap is partitioned into multiple memory arenas, one arena per thread . This allows multiple threads to make allocations simultaneously so that exclusive access to the heap isn t required . While the GC mode is configured for the process and it cannot change while the process runs, your application can have some control over the garbage collection by using the GCSettings class s GCLatencyMode property . This read/write property can be set to any of the values in the GCLatencyMode enumerated type, as shown in Table 21-2 .
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Writing a Front-End Module
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the StreamWriter calls it for you . However, if you do call Dispose/Close explicitly, the FileStream will see that the object has already been cleaned up the methods do nothing and just return .
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Figure 5-2: The Choose Breakpoints dialog box What you see in Figure 5-2 is the IntelliSense listing from all classes in the WDBG project that have OnOK as a method. I don't know about you, but I think this is an outstanding feature especially because you can see that clicking the All button allows you to set breakpoints on all those methods in one fell swoop, and it works for all languages supported by Visual Studio .NET except managed C++! The Choose Breakpoints dialog box also displays for overloaded methods in the same class. I don't know how many times I've gone to set a breakpoint and the Choose Breakpoints dialog box reminded me that I should consider stopping on other methods as well. Another of my favorite things to do in C++ code is to type just the class name in the Breakpoint dialog box. The wonderful Choose Breakpoints dialog box pops up and offers every method in the class! Sadly, this killer feature works only on C++ code (and amazingly in managed C++ as well) and not on C#, J#, or Visual Basic .NET. But for C++, this incredible feature is a boon for testing. If you want to ensure your test cases are hitting every method in a class, simply type the class name in the Breakpoint dialog box and click All in the resulting Choose Breakpoints dialog box. This instantly sets breakpoints on every method so that you can start seeing whether your test cases are calling every method. This feature is also great for looking for dead code because if you set all the breakpoints and clear them as you hit them, any remaining breakpoints are code that's never executed. At the time I wrote this book, I was using Visual Studio .NET 2003 RC2. When I was trying to figure out if C# and J# could set class breakpoints like native C++, I ran into a huge bug that will crash Visual Studio .NET. I hope this bug will be fixed in the final release; but if it's not, I want to make sure you know about it. For C# or J# projects, if you type in the class name followed by a period in the Breakpoint dialog box, for example, Form1. and click the OK button, you'll get a Visual C++ run time error message box telling you the application has attempted to terminate in an unusual way. When you click the OK button, the IDE will simply disappear. Attempting the same type of breakpoint in a Visual Basic .NET application does not close the IDE. Although this is a very nasty bug, at least only a few of you should run into it. I'm simply amazed that the ability to select from multiple methods in your application when setting a breakpoint in the debugger isn't pointed out in big, bold type as a killer feature of Visual Studio .NET. In fact, there's only a passing reference to the Choose Breakpoints dialog box in the MSDN documentation. However, I'm very happy to toot the debugger team's horn for them. As you can probably guess by this point, you don't have to go through the Choose Breakpoints dialog box if you know the class and method because you can type them 198
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By default, the CLR terminates the application or offers to spawn a debugger only for an application s main thread or for an unmanaged thread. For manual threads, pool threads, or finalizer threads, the CLR just swallows the exception and allows the thread to continue running it doesn t terminate the process. To help with debugging, you might want to know when an unhandled exception occurs in any thread. To get this information, just set the top three bytes of the DbgJITDebugLaunchSetting registry value to 0xFFFFFF. Use 0, 1, or 2 from Table 18 2 for the bottom most byte. Note In my opinion, Microsoft should check the registry value only if no callback method is registered with AppDomain s UnhandledException event. Currently, when an unhandled exception occurs, the CLR examines the bottom most byte of the DbgJITDebugLaunchSetting registry value. If this byte contains 0 or 2, the user is presented with the CLR s dialog box or the debugger just starts running this happens even if the application has registered a callback method with AppDomain s UnhandledException event. In the future, I d like to see the CLR consider an exception unhandled only if no method is registered with AppDomain s UnhandledException event.
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Notice that the ActionLink HTML helper class is used inside the markup to create links for editing, viewing, deleting, and creating new employees. These action links will create requests bound for the EmployeeController by using the appropriate action method and passing an ID.
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Finding Help Outside Help And Support Center
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Injects services and other dependencies that modules require
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But then you would face some challenges trying to return the value to a variable in the calling batch . To achieve this, you must first insert the output to a target table using the INSERT EXEC syntax, and then retrieve the value from the table into the variable, as in:
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Authenticators and Authentication Protocols
Model-driven development is a practice that takes time to master, but the results are well worth the effort. I ve compiled a list of best practices taken from the literature and from my experiences to help you get started. Keep models simple. Don t overmodel. Use color in your models. Color greatly enhances your ability to quickly grasp both the static and dynamic elements of a model. Choose model element names carefully. A model name can greatly influence the person who has to turn it into code. Avoid design or implementation-specific constructs in the analysis model. Keep models and source code synchronized. Incremental changes are easier to incorporate. In modeling, no single view is sufficient. Approach a complex system with a small set of independent views. The best models are connected to reality, and reality is all about trade-offs. Flexibility and performance are sometimes at odds when modeling a system. There will be a point in a model s life when the level of detail can be expressed only in code. Make sure that you don t get stuck trying to graphically model something that can be easily coded. UML notes are a great way to address some of these issues at the model level.
Using SBS Software Updates
FIGURE 10-1 High-level architecture
Least Privilege
called named parameters and are optional because the parameters don t have to be specified when you re applying an instance of the attribute . A little later on, I ll explain what causes an instance of the DllImportAttribute class to actually be constructed . Also note that it s possible to apply multiple attributes to a single target . For example, in this chapter s first program listing, the GetVersionEx method s ver parameter has both the In and Out attributes applied to it . When applying multiple attributes to a single target, be aware that the order of attributes has no significance . Also, in C#, each attribute can be enclosed in square brackets, or multiple attributes can be comma-separated within a single set of square brackets . If the attribute class s constructor takes no parameters, the parentheses are optional . Finally, as mentioned earlier, the Attribute suffix is also optional . The following lines behave identically and demonstrate all of the possible ways of applying multiple attributes:
Problem Server-side includes aren t working and I get the error INCLUDES filter removed.
Main Mode SA showing information about encryption
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