Hybrid Thread Synchronization in visual C#.net

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The naming system on which DNS is based is a hierarchical and logical tree structure called the DNS namespace. The DNS namespace has a unique root that can have any number of subdomains. In turn, each subdomain can have more subdomains. For example, the root (empty string) in the Internet namespace has many top-level domain names, one of which is com. The domain com can, for example, have a subdomain for the Lucerne Publishing company, lucernepublishing.com, which in turn can have a further subdomain for manufacturing, called mfg.lucernepublishing.com. Organizations can also create private networks and use their own private DNS namespaces that are not visible on the Internet.
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Reference Parameters
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// If no other threads are blocked, just return if (Interlocked.Decrement(ref m_waiters) == 0) return; // Other threads are blocked, wake 1 of them m_waiterLock.Set(); // Bad performance hit here } public void Dispose() { m_waiterLock.Dispose(); } }
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Here are three exceptions to the recommendation against using endline comments:
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What you see here is visual tedium rather than visual organization. As in most PowerPoint presentations, these slides use a design template with a single predesigned background. Using a single background gives all your slides a uniform look, but it also prevents you from using a range of design techniques to visually highlight the most important information on single slides or across slides. It also makes the overall presentation appear visually repetitive, which causes boredom that quickly shuts down attention.
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Part V
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Figure 8-3 : Results returned from running the code in Listings 8-2 and 8-3 The bulk of the work of getting the data is performed in the Page_Load method shown in Listing 8-2. Using locally created OleDbConnection and OleDbCommand objects and a public OleDbDataReader object, I execute a simple query against the SQL Server Northwind database. This example is in Visual Basic .NET, but the same .NET Framework objects would be used in other .NET languages. Tip Early versions of the .NET Framework used a different namespace for the non SQL Server data access classes. Examples in other books or on Web sites that use System.ado won t work with the
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The Sales Report Web Service To see a concrete example of a Web service, let's transform the remote service created in 12 into a Web service. The Web service class makes externally available a group of functions nearly identical to that of the .NET Remoting component. In doing so, it also uses the same internal class, thus demonstrating a true reuse of code.
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What is the purpose of registering an assembly in the GAC Well, say two companies each produce an OurLibrary assembly consisting of one file: OurLibrary .dll . Obviously, both of these files can t go in the same directory because the last one installed would overwrite the first one, surely breaking some application . When you install an assembly into the GAC, dedicated subdirectories are created under the C:\Windows\Assembly directory, and the assembly files are copied into one of these subdirectories . Normally, no one examines the GAC s subdirectories, so the structure of the GAC shouldn t really matter to you . As long as the tools and the CLR know the structure, all is good .
Exercise: Implementing the Business Tier Methods
These options are heavily tested on the 70-291 exam. Be especially familiar with Disable Recursion, BIND Secondaries, Enable Round Robin, and Enable Netmask Ordering.
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Small Business Considerations
The COUNT(*) Function
G:\vsnet\Vc7\include\crtdbg.h(692) : {60} normal block at 0x002F4DC0, 400 bytes long. Data: <N e w ' d 65 00 m e > 4E 00 65 00 77 00 27 00 64 00 20 00 6D 00
XmlTextWriter provides three constructors; the constructor arguments identify the destination where the XmlTextWriter should write to as well as the encoding to use. These constructors are summarized in Table 11-14.
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