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The Page class features a handful of new methods, most of which are simply inherited from the base Control class. Table 1-5 lists them all.
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Lesson 3
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Implementing a DNS Infrastructure
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An important feature of VPNs is that the public physical network through which private data is sent becomes transparent to the two endpoints of communication, as illustrated in Figure 10-28. Two computers, Computer1 and Computer2, are physically connected only through the Internet. The transparency of this physical link is revealed in Figure 10-28 by the results of the Tracert command run at each computer. Although many hops separate the two computers, each appears to the other as only one hop away through the VPN connection. Communication occurs between the two private IP addresses, each within the subnet, as if the computers were both located on an isolated network segment.
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Downloading Remote Modules in the Background
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The color scheme and font choices you make in the Customize box appear in the preview of the publication in the third column of the display. Check the preview to see whether those are the choices that work for you before you click Create to apply the changes to the template. If they re not choose again.
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Lesson 1: Connecting to Data with Data Source Controls
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data could get corrupted if it is manipulated by multiple threads simultaneously . Normally, you would fix this by adding thread synchronization locks around the data access, but if you do this, then one thread at a time can access the data and you would lose the benefit of processing multiple items in parallel . In addition, there is overhead associated with the Parallel methods; delegate objects have to be allocated, and these delegates are invoked once for each work item . If you have lots of work items that can be processed by multiple threads, then you might gain a performance increase . Also, if you have lots of work to do for each item, then the performance hit of calling through the delegate is negligible . You will actually hurt your performance if you use the Parallel methods for just a few work items or for work items that are processed very quickly . I should mention that Parallel s For, ForEach, and Invoke methods all have overloads that accept a ParallelOptions object, which looks like this:
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Part III Essential Types
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Extended Syntax and Logic Checking
Note Stock prices are rarely restricted to integers, and there is usually more than one stock, but
Part II Solutions
The plan scans an index on the Employees table for the empid values. Each empid value drives a single seek within the covering index on Orders to return the requested most recent three orders for that employee. The interesting part here is that you don t get only the keys
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