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Figure 3-52. Estimated plan showing the index is used
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An on-subnet address range, which is an address range of the intranet subnet to which the VPN server is attached. An on-subnet address range is used whenever the VPN server is configured to use DHCP to obtain IP addresses for VPN clients and when the manually configured pool or pools of IP addresses are within the range of addresses of the attached subnet.
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When I run this code, I get the following output as soon as the Cancel method is called:
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using System; using System.Collections.Generic;
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For PPTP connections using MS-CHAP and attempting to negotiate 40-bit
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unsigned ( __stdcall *start_address )( void
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Sketching Your Storyboard
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Part II Designing Types
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public sealed class Func<T, TResult> : MulticastDelegate { public Func(Object object, IntPtr method); public TResult Invoke(T arg); public IAsyncResult BeginInvoke(T arg, AsyncCallback callback, Object object); public TResult EndInvoke(IAsyncResult result); }
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The structure, design, and intuitiveness of almost all the examples used in this book are intended to meet two rigorous demands and unite them in an integrated fashion . These are: first, suitability for your own objectives (what do I want to achieve ) and, second, suitability for the existing or future requirements of your target audience (what do they want to see and experience, or what do you want them to see and experience ) . Visualizations fall into one of the following two main categories, depending on how much they are tailored to suit the target audience: charts for presentation and charts for publication. A chart for presentation, or presentation chart, is selected and designed according to the known or expected needs of a certain audience . We can distinguish between the following types of presentation format:
Appendix B
Creating Custom Web Controls
1. 2. 3.
function doDown(sender, args) { var theText = sender.findName("txtDown"); var meVid = sender.findName("vid"); var prog = meVid.DownloadProgress * 100; prog = "Downloading % " + prog; txtDown.Text = prog; }
In the DNS console, open the DNS server properties dialog box and click the Event Logging tab. Then select the Errors And Warnings option. Alternatively, in the DNS console, open the DNS Events Properties dialog box and click the Filter tab. Then clear the Information check box, the Success Audit check box, and the Failure Audit check box.
Building and running this code produces the message boxes shown in Figures 12 3 and 12 4.
ion A component of collaborative network applications such as Windows Meeting Space . Provides identity management services to collaborative applications such as Windows Meeting Space . Collects performance data that you can display and analyze using the Reliability And Performance console . The service also enables you to run a program and send a message when specific performance conditions occur .
Create a custom search provider
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