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<asp:FormView runat="server id="EmpDetails <EditItemTemplate> <table style="border:solid 1px black;"> <tr> <td align="center"> <b><%# Eval( employeeid ) %></b></td> <td> <b><%# Eval( lastname ) %>,
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For the Business Unit access level, Microsoft Dynamics CRM grants Gail the Read privilege for the Alice Ciccu contact because Ben Burton owns that record and he belongs to the same business unit as Gail. For the Parent: Child Business Units access level, Microsoft Dynamics CRM grants Gail the Read privilege for the David Jones and Allison Brown records because the Central Region and Product Team business units are children of the Service business unit that Gail belongs to, and both the David Jones and Allison Brown records are owned by users that belong to these child business units. As this example illustrates, configuring access levels for a security role requires that you understand and consider the following parameters:
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1 1 1 1 2 2 2 (2:5) (3:7) (3:7) (3:7) (10:12) (10:12) (10:12) 5 5 6 7 10 11 12 2009-01-05 2009-01-05 2009-01-06 2009-01-07 2009-01-10 2009-01-11 2009-01-12 (5:5) (5:5) (6:6) (7:7) (10:10) (11:11) (12:12)
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Local Service
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Table 7-2 Behavior Properties of the GridView Control
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24. On the Additional Files page, click Next.
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This example shows that the BETWEEN operator includes both border values (1300 and 1600) of the interval. The BETWEEN operator has its own built-in negation option. Therefore, the following three SQL expressions are logically equivalent: where msal NOT between 1000 and 2000 where NOT msal between 1000 and 2000 where msal < 1000 OR msal > 2000
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Simplified deployment of applications, settings, and data. Easy redirection of search engine friendly URLs to different pages. Cascading style sheet friendly rendering for many controls. Applications that start up before the first user request. Extensible request validation for more flexible security. Easy setting of meta tags at run time. The ability to enable view state for individual controls to reduce page sizes. Static client IDs to allow web server controls to be reliably accessed from JavaScript. The inclusion of AJAX jQuery scripts in Visual Studio templates. Improved Language-Integrated Query (LINQ) capabilities for creation of strongly typed queries for collections and databases. Dynamic Data templates for rapid development of data-driven websites. Compressed session state data. A new Chart control for quick creation of interactive three-dimensional charts. Built-in ASP.NET MVC 2 for creation of layered applications that are easily testable.
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13 Reports and Dashboards
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Executable Applications
The function accepts the @mgrid input parameter, which is the ID of the input manager . The function returns the @Subs table variable, with details about the input manager and all its subordinates in all levels . In addition to the employee attributes, @Subs also has a column called lvl that keeps track of the level distance from the input manager (0 for the input manager and increasing by one unit for each level) . The function keeps track of the current level in the @lvl local variable, which is initialized with zero . The function first inserts into @Subs the row from Employees with ID equal to @mgrid . Then, in a loop, if the last insert affected more than zero rows, the code increments the @lvl variable s value by one and inserts the next level of employees in other words, direct subordinates of the managers found in the previous level into @Subs . The lvl column is important because it allows you to isolate the employees who were inserted into @Subs in the last iteration . To return only subordinates of the employees found in the previous level, the join condition filters from @Subs only rows where the lvl column is equal to the previous level (@lvl 1) .
Figure 9-22 Shifting data blocks with 12 lines with calculated average values in column M .
DEPTNO COUNT(EMPNO) -------- -----------20 5 30 6 However, the SQL language allows you to write queries with a HAVING clause without a preceding GROUP BY clause. In that case, Oracle assumes an implicit GROUP BY on a constant expression, just as when you use group functions in the SELECT clause without specifying a GROUP BY clause; that is, the full table is treated as a single group.
You create web resources in the Settings area of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Web resources can be added to solutions just like other customization components. Figure 11-2 shows the web resources used for the example in Figure 11-1. As you can see from Figure 11-2, this particular solution contains a range of possible web resource types, including a Silverlight application, web page, and several images. All of these components belong to the solution and can be transported between Microsoft Dynamics CRM environments. By using HTML, JavaScript, and Silverlight, programmers no longer have to worry about the deployment of their application s associated web files.
internal class Base { public virtual void M<T1, T2>() where T1 : struct where T2 : class { } } internal sealed class Derived : Base { public override void M<T3, T4>() where T3 : EventArgs // Error where T4 : class // Error { } }
13. Threading and Synchronization
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