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// Using C# s implicitly typed local, implicitly typed array, and anonymous type features: var kids = new[] {new { Name="Aidan" }, new { Name="Grant" }}; // Sample usage (with another implicitly typed local variable): foreach (var kid in kids) Console.WriteLine(kid.Name);
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Caution Many of these exercises require you to configure settings that will affect address ing and other features your network. For this reason, it is not recommended that you perform these exercises on computers that are connected to a larger network.
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Implementing Secure Network Administration Procedures
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All data source controls implement the IDataSource interface. Therefore, this interface is the only prerequisite to creating your own custom ASP.NET data source control. A data source control uses the interface s properties and methods to expose the bound content as a set of named views. The IDataSource interface provides the basic set of capabilities to retrieve views of data out of a data source. qr code reader
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Transit internetwork Tunnel endpoints
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Figure 5-10 Disabling rigorous certificate checking for a VPN connection.
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Table 5-4: Properties of the XmlNode Class Property Description LocalName Returns the name of the node, minus the namespace. Name NamespaceURI NextSibling Returns the fully qualified name of the node. Gets the namespace URI of the current node. Gets the node immediately following the current node. Siblings are nodes with the same parent and the same depth. Returns the type of the current node as a value taken from the XmlNodeType enumeration. Gets the markup code representing the current node and all of its children. Unlike InnerXml, OuterXml also includes the node itself in the markup with all of its attributes. InnerXml, on the other hand, returns only the markup found below the node, including text. Gets the XmlDocument object to which the current node belongs. Gets the parent of the current node (if any). Gets or sets the namespace prefix of the current node. Gets the node immediately preceding the current node. Gets or sets the value of the current node.
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public enum TaskStatus { // These flags indicate the state of a Task during its lifetime: Created, // Task created explicitly; you can manually Start() this task WaitingForActivation,// Task created implicitly; it starts automatically WaitingToRun, Running, // The task was scheduled but isn t running yet // The task is actually running Page 189 Tuesday, June 8, 2004 6:05 PM
CHAPTER 5: Doing More with Qt
How do you know that a program is safe
This book focuses on providing Java programmers with the information they need to write applications for the Microsoft .NET platform using C#. The first hurdle in becoming proficient with the .NET platform is to understand the basics of the .NET initiative. Understanding the goals, structure, and capabilities of .NET provides programmers with a context through which they can better understand the detailed technological discussions presented in later chapters of this book. We start this chapter by providing background information that has driven and shaped the .NET initiative. We then discuss the goals, scope, and structure of .NET. Finally we give a summary of the migration and integration options when dealing with Java and .NET.
Set-Based Solutions prior to SQL Server 2005
Deploying Remote Access VPNs
IAsyncResult APM
So now, let s put this together to see how C# uses these different IL instructions:
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