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Appendix A
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Working with Data Log Files
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Lock your computer With this option, your programs continue to run, but the logon screen appears so that no one can see your desktop or use the computer. Only you can unlock the computer to return to your session; however, other users can log on in their own sessions without disturbing yours. To lock a computer, click the lock icon in the lower right corner of the Start menu.
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The question of when to upgrade to a new software system is something each individual group considers when weighing the benefit of the new version compared with the comfort level of the old. As dramatic a change as the new user interface (UI) is in the 2007 Microsoft Office system, users will likely find that the switch to the 2007 release is a much easier transition than the move to previous versions. One of the main reasons for this ease of transition is that the 2007 release is built on a cornerstone of simplicity. When developers went back to the drawing board on the UI, it was with the intention of designing software that works the way we do. Rather than adding more features and commands to an already overburdened and complicated menu system, designers created the system around a core of ease-of-use and easy access. This means that learning to use the program is more intuitive for users than previous versions because the programs are designed to work the way we do.
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Figure 10-27
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The most salient impact UAC has on user experience will be seen by users who are members of the local administrator group. Standard users also have the ability to perform administrative tasks without having to log off. The prompt for standard users is identical to the administrative prompt, except it requires password entry.
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Key points worth highlighting include the following:
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Don t abbreviate by removing one character from a word Typing one character is little extra work, and the one-character savings hardly justifies the loss in readability. It s like the calendars that have Jun and Jul. You have to be in a big hurry to spell June as Jun. With most one-letter deletions, it s hard to remember whether you removed the character. Either remove more than one character or spell out the word. Abbreviate consistently Always use the same abbreviation. For example, use Num everywhere or No everywhere, but don t use both. Similarly, don t abbreviate a word in some names and not in others. For instance, don t use the full word Number in some places and the abbreviation Num in others. Create names that you can pronounce Use xPos rather than xPstn and needsComp rather than ndsCmptg. Apply the telephone test if you can t read your code to someone over the phone, rename your variables to be more distinctive (Kernighan and Plauger 1978). Avoid combinations that result in mispronunciation To refer to the end of B, favor ENDB over BEND. If you use a good separation technique, you won t need this guideline since B-END, BEnd, or b_end won t be mispronounced. Use a thesaurus to resolve naming collisions One problem in creating short names is naming collisions names that abbreviate to the same thing. For example, if you re limited to three characters and you need to use fired and full revenue disbursal in the same area of a program, you might inadvertently abbreviate both to frd.
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Listing 5-9: WebForm1.aspx.vb, a Visual Basic .NET generated code-behind file for WebForm1.aspx, showing how to manipulate a calendar control programmatically Listing 5-10: Global.asax.vb, generated by Visual Studio .NET
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Phone Book Services that make the user s experience the best it can possibly be. Your users will have a one-click experience for VPN, and the various offices will have site-to-site connectivity without a second thought. It will seem completely natural to the users to be communicating over the Internet with Microsoft VPN.
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The Java Transformer.transform method takes a javax.xml.transform.Source instance, which provides the XML to be transformed, and a javax.xml.transform.Result instance, which provides a destination for the output of the transformation process. Both Source and Result are interfaces; implementations are provided to support input from and output to DOM, SAX, and stream instances. .NET provides a series of overloaded Transform methods that take a wide variety of source and destination references. Many of the Transform methods also take an instance of XsltArgumentList that contains arguments that can be used by the style sheet performing the transformation. The following code fragment demonstrates the simplest Transform overload, which takes the names of an input and an output file:
FIguRE 4-5 Allocating M2 s local variables on the thread s stack
Writing and Working with HTTP Modules and Web Services
Software Plus Services is the term Microsoft coined to demonstrate our belief that there is great value in distributed software that integrates the centralization and collaboration of online services while using the processing power and offline capabilities of the more than 800 million computers and billions of smart devices consumers, knowledge workers, and gamers already own. In a very brief period, services have become a major component of the software ecosystem and many believe they will represent the majority of software usage in the near future. Given this, it might seem odd to have a chapter about services testing near the end of the book and under a section about the future of testing. At Microsoft, we are rapidly evolving our approaches to services testing, and at this level of continuing advancement and innovation, it seemed that the topic fit better with future trends than with the more proven practices covered in the previous chapters.
In SQL Server 2000, this code will reset the wait statistics: DBCC SQLPERF(WAITSTATS, CLEAR);
Understanding User Account Control (UAC)
detects that the catalog le is corrupted.
Windows Security Fundamentals
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