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13. Threading and Synchronization public Example() throws Exception { Thread x_thread = new Thread(this); x_thread.start(); } }
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The each method is then used to iterate over each paragraph, and the inner_text method is used to return the plain text contents of the tag. If you read the Parsing HTML with Hpricot section of 14, this should be mostly familiar to you.
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// Convert number <-> character using IConvertible c = ((IConvertible) 65).ToChar(null); Console.WriteLine(c); // Displays "A" n = ((IConvertible) c).ToInt32(null); Console.WriteLine(n); } }
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Con gure the Internet Address
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Figure 3-3. Pivot chart 2 in Excel
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Planning Your First Five Slides
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Setting HtmlTableCell.NoWrap to true disables word wrapping. Although word wrapping might work well in your native language, other languages can require more space and might not display correctly.
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Adatum has a number of goals in moving to a claims-based identity solution. One goal is to add the single sign-on capability to its network. This allows employees to log on once and then be able to access all authorized systems, including a-Expense. With SSO, users will not have to enter a user name and password when they use a-Expense. A second goal is to enable Adatum employees to access corporate applications from the Internet. Members of the sales force often travel to customer sites and need to be able to use a-Expense and aOrder without the overhead of establishing a virtual private network (VPN) session. A third goal is to plan for the future. Adatum wants a exible solution that it can adapt as the company grows and changes. Right now, a priority is to implement an architecture that allows them to host some applications in a cloud environment such as Windows Azure. Moving operations out of their data center will reduce their capital expenditures and make it simpler to manage the applications. Adatum is also considering giving their customers access to some applications, such as a-Order. Adatum knows that claims-based identity and access control are the foundations needed to enable these plans. While meeting these goals, Adatum wants to make sure its solution reuses its existing investment in its enterprise directory. The company wants to make sure user identities remain under central administrative control and don t span multiple stores. Nonetheless, Adatum wants its business units to have the exibility to control access to the data they manage. For example, not everyone at Adatum is authorized to use the a-Expense application. Currently, access to the program is controlled by application-speci c roles stored in a departmentally administered database. Adatum s identity solution must preserve this exibility. Finally, Adatum also wants its identity solution to work with multiple platforms and vendors. And, like all companies, Adatum wants to ensure that any Internet access to corporate applications is secure.
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As you can see, the image shown in Figure 9-8 is gray all along its left side, so all you can see is gray. You cannot scroll to the colorful part of the image that is on the right because there is no horizontal scroll bar. But if you add HorizontalScrollBarVisibility= True to the ScrollViewer definition in XAML, you ll be able to see the rest of the image. Here s the XAML:
Demand-Dial Routing in Windows Server 2003
Abstract goal You want to compare two data series that run continuously in regular intervals and concern the same data type . Furthermore, you also want to evaluate the intervals . Concrete goal You want to represent a location s temperature curve (in degrees Celsius) in monthly intervals over a period of seven months and highlight the high-low ranges between the maximum and minimum temperatures .
To determine which users have access to a resource, Windows assigns a security ID (SID) to each user account. Your SID (a gigantic number guaranteed to be unique) follows you around wherever you go in Windows. When you log on, the operating system first validates your user name and password. Then it creates a security access token. You can think of this as the electronic equivalent of an ID badge. It includes your user name and SID, plus information about any security groups to which your account belongs. (Security groups are described later in this chapter.) Any program you start gets a copy of your security access token.
3. Query Tuning
Some security settings need to be applied globally; others are more appropriate when tailored to the specific needs of an individual user. If you ve created accounts for children using a computer running any home edition of Windows Vista, you can use the new Parental Controls interface to restrict the hours during which they can use the computer and to enforce rules about programs they re allowed to run and websites they re permitted to visit.
DECLARE @stmt AS NVARCHAR(MAX); DECLARE @params AS NVARCHAR(MAX); EXEC sp_get_query_template @querytext = N'SELECT orderid, custid, empid, orderdate FROM Sales.Orders WHERE orderdate >= ''99991231'';', @templatetext = @stmt OUTPUT, @parameters = @params OUTPUT; SELECT @stmt AS stmt, @params AS params;
Creating Computer Accounts Establishing Basic Network Connectivity Using the Small Business Server Connect Computer Wizard Connecting Alternate Clients Connecting to RWW Viewing and Modifying Client Computer Settings Remotely Managing Computers Removing Computers from the Network
<asp:gridview runat="server id="MyGridView datasourceid="MySource autogeneratecolumns="false" allowpaging="true allowsorting="true onrowcreated="MyGridView_RowCreated > <pagersettings firstpagetext="7 lastpagetext="8 nextpagetext="4 prevpagetext="3 mode="NextPrevFirstLast /> <pagerstyle font-name="webdings /> <columnfields> <asp:boundfield datafield="productname headertext="Product sortexpression="productname /> <asp:boundfield datafield="quantityperunit headertext="Packaging /> </columnfields> </asp:gridview>
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