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SQL Server 2008 supports four set operators: UNION ALL, UNION, EXCEPT, and INTERSECT. These SQL operators correspond to operators de ned in mathematical set theory. Listing 1-4 contains a general form of a query applying a set operator, along with numbers assigned according to the order in which the different elements of the code are logically processed.
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The final pane of the Global Configuration Manager shows the Server settings (see Figure 5-14) that help you configure the functionality of the Joomla server and its relation to other servers. One of the most useful options provided on this panel is the ability to activate GZIP page compression if your PHP server has the feature available. During Joomla installation, the installer checks for it and flags you if it isn t active. The GZIP function will perform on-the-fly compression of the page requested by the browser and send the file to browsers capable of decompressing it. The whole process is transparent to the visitor and simply speeds transmission particularly if the visitor is using a dialup access point. To allow any mailing from the site (such as registered user confirmation messages or mass mail), you will need to configure the mail settings. When the same service provider that hosts your web site also supplies you with your e-mail account, these options should be easy to obtain. Getting the proper settings may be as easy as taking a look at the configuration settings of your e-mail program (such as Microsoft Outlook) and copying those settings into the Mail Settings panel. If you don t have e-mail capabilities through a web service provider, enabling this function becomes much more difficult. Most SMTP servers (mail transmission servers) are closed to people not specifically authorized to send messages through them because spammers have abused free e-mail servers to flood the Web with their junk. You may be able to use a personal mail server account to provide the mail capabilities to your Joomla server. Check with your service provider.
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FIGURE 15-24 Dialog session summary
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A natural curiosity kicks in: What do I get if I access any similar URLs
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Implement ASP.NET AJAX. Add dynamic features to a page by using JavaScript. Handle JavaScript events. Alter a page dynamically by manipulating the DOM. Implement AJAX by using jQuery.
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If you find an expression that s repeated several times, assign it to a variable and refer to the variable rather than recomputing the expression in several places. The loan-calculation example has a common subexpression that you could eliminate. Here s the original code:
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After the response is made to the query, the resolver passes the results of the query, in the form of either a positive or negative response, back to the requesting program and caches the response.
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Sewing Up Understanding with BBP
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The Law of Figure and Background
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Use sizeof() to determine the size of a variable in a memory allocation It s easier to use sizeof() than to look up the size in a manual, and sizeof() works for structures you create yourself, which aren t in the manual. sizeof() doesn t carry a performance penalty since it s calculated at compile time. It s portable recompiling in a different environment automatically changes the value calculated by sizeof(). And it requires little maintenance since you can change types you have defined and allocations will be adjusted automatically.
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Figure 10-7 You can open Windows Firewall from Control Panel or Security Center, as well as the Start menu.
unhandled exception . The CLR will then terminate your process, which is good because all the corrupted state will now be destroyed . This is much better than having your application continue to run with unpredictable results and possible security holes . Personally, I think the C# team should have chosen different language keywords for the exception-handling mechanism . What programmers want to do is try to execute some piece of code . And then, if something fails, either recover from the failure and move on or compensate to undo some state change and continue to report the failure up to a caller . Programmers also want to have guaranteed cleanup no matter what happens . The code on the left is what you have to write to make the C# compiler happy, but the code on the right is the way I prefer to think about it:
The ASP.NET MVC framework allows you to run code both before an action method is called or after it has run. You do so by using action filters. Action filters are applied by using attributes to action methods. Action filters allow you to define pre-execution and post-execution actions to your action methods. Action filters are attribute classes that implement the FilterAttribute base class. You can create your own custom action filters. You apply these attribute classes to your action methods. ASP.NET MVC also includes several predefined action filters, including Authorize, OutputCache, and HandleError. The Authorize filter allows you to check security before executing an action method. OutputCache allows you to cache the results of an action method. The HandleError action filter allows you to wrap an action method to an error view page (by default this page is Views/Shared/Error.aspx).
SET NOCOUNT ON; USE tempdb; UPDATE dbo.Sequence SET val = 0; TRUNCATE TABLE dbo.T1;
Print Recipient List displays the Print List dialog box so that you can choose the fields you want to include in the report, select the records you want to include, and choose the orientation and page size (see Figure 7-16). Save A Shortcut To Recipient List opens the File Save dialog box so that you can choose a location for the shortcut file. The list used in your current merge operation is then saved as a data set you can use in future mailings. Export Recipient List To New File displays the Save As dialog box so that you can specify a file name and folder for the list. You can choose whether to save only the contacts included in the current merge or include all records in the data list. Track Through Business Contact Manager is available if you have installed Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 with Business Contact Manager, and clicking it opens a Marketing Campaign window so that you can launch and track a marketing campaign using the publication you created in Office Publisher 2007 (see Figure 7-17). You can fill in the necessary information and click Save & Close to save your information.
Part II Designing Types
<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" ""> <html xmlns="" > <!-- saved from url=(0014)about:internet --> <head> <title>SilverlightApplication1</title> <style type="text/css"> html, body { height: 100%; overflow: auto; } body { padding: 0; margin: 0; } #silverlightControlHost { height: 100%; } </style> <script type="text/javascript" src="Silverlight.js"></script> <script type="text/javascript" src="Silverlight.supportedUserAgent.js"></script> <script type="text/javascript"> var PromptFinishInstall = "<div><p>You are now installing Silverlight, refresh your browser when done.</p></div>"; var PromptUpgrade = "<div><p onclick='UpgradeClicked()'>This application needs you to upgrade the Silverlight plug-in that runs it. An older version is installed. Click here to upgrade it.</p></div>"; var PromptFinishUpgrade = "<div><p>You are now upgrading Silverlight. When this is done, please restart your browser.</p></div>"; var PromptRestart = "<div><p>Please restart your browser.</p></div>"; var PromptNotSupported = "<div><p>This browser doesn't support Silverlight, sorry!</p></div>"; function onSilverlightError(sender, args) { if (Silverlight.IsVersionAvailableOnerror(sender, args)) { var appSource = ""; if (sender != null && sender != 0) { appSource = sender.getHost().Source; } var errorType = args.ErrorType; var iErrorCode = args.ErrorCode; var errMsg = "Unhandled Error in Silverlight 2 Application " + appSource + "\n"; errMsg += "Code: " + iErrorCode + " \n"; errMsg += "Category: " + errorType + " \n"; errMsg += "Message: " + args.ErrorMessage + " \n";
IMPORTANT The drives you select will be reformatted when backup is con gured. T
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