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Team Foundation Build
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Connection model Both readers and navigators work on top of a data source. Readers, however, work connected to the input stream, which is often a persistent storage medium like a disk file. Navigators always work on memory-mapped data sources like XML DOM or more optimized and specialized structures. Readers must be closed when you have finished with them; navigators are simply garbage-collected when they go out of scope. A parallel can be drawn with ADO.NET data readers and DataSet objects. An XML data reader object, like the SqlDataReader base class, is connected to the data source, whereas a DataSet object is a disconnected object. Navigation interface Readers are simple read-only and forward-only cursors. Navigators too are read-only, but they let you move forward and backward. The navigator's set of move methods is significantly richer. In particular, the set includes methods for going to the root of the underlying document, for reaching the parent node, for reaching the next and the previous sibling, for reaching the node where the given namespace is defined, and even more. In addition, you can synchronize the navigator position with the current position on another navigator object. Programming interface Navigators provide rich XPath capabilities and supply methods that perform XPath queries and return groups of related nodes. You have a generic Select method but also ad hoc selection methods that specialize on the most common XPath axes, such as descendant, ancestor, and child. In addition, navigators can simply evaluate an XPath expression and return the value. Conceptually, XPath navigators and XML readers occupy diametrically opposed positions in the .NET XML puzzle. Moreover, this difference clearly stems from their names. Navigators are thought to traverse XML-based or XMLlooking data. XML readers are simply lower-level tools that you can use to read XML-based or XMLlooking data and build in-memory data structures that navigators rely on. Note As mentioned, XML readers and navigators work on XMLbased or XML-looking data. XML-based data refers to data persisted, or just read, as well-formed XML. As we saw in 2, however, you can use specialized reader classes to publish non-XML data through a virtual XML tree. Likewise, a navigator can be built to work on top of a data store that creates a virtual XML tree from nonXML data. XML-looking data refers to just such virtual XML trees.
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WCF service.
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Part IV
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The CompareOptions argument (in two of the methods above) is one of the values defined by the CompareOptions enumerator type:
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If you encounter a problem completing an exercise, you can find the completed projects in the samples installed from this book s companion CD. For more information about the project files and other content on the CD, see Using the Companion Media in this book s Introduction.
21. Collaborative Construction
Configuring Demand-Dial Routing
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for ( teamIndex = 0; teamIndex < teamCount; teamIndex++ ) { for ( eventIndex = 0; eventIndex < eventCount[ teamIndex ]; eventIndex++ ) { score[ teamIndex ][ eventIndex ] = 0; } }
figure 4 Saving survey responses directly to BLOB storage
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