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chart range . This has more than optical benefits, as you ll see in later chapters .
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TIP: Before you have your application Symbian Signed, check with Forum Nokia and look at the latest requirements for the Ovi Store. As we write this, Nokia is provides free signing for applications to be published to the Ovi Store.
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The System.String Type
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Some Final Tasks
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The sender argument is the EventLog instance that raised the event, and e is a System.Diagnostics.EntryWrittenEventArgs instance; EntryWrittenEventArgs contains an Entry property that gets an EventLogEntry representing the event log entry that caused the event to be raised. The following example program listens to the Application event log and displays summary details to the console each time an entry is written:
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According to Google Webmaster Tools ( ), the average page on my site takes about 3.5 seconds to load. So the time it takes ASP.NET to query the database and generate my page is less than 1 percent of the page load time. Obviously, if I want to improve the performance of my website, I ll need to look elsewhere. For most sites, the biggest factor in performance is actually network latency the time it takes a packet to travel from the client to the server and back. Other than using a well-connected web hosting provider, there s not much you can do to improve network latency for public websites after all, you don t have any control over how your users connect to the Internet. Typically, the second biggest factor in website performance is the number of individual objects browsers need to load to display your page. Every image, style sheet, JavaScript, and Flash object on your page requires the web browser to send a separate Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) request across the Internet. Try to minimize the number of objects embedded in a page by combining multiple style sheets and JavaScripts and using text buttons and links instead of image links. If a browser needs to load more than six objects, consider distributing the objects between different hostnames to allow web browsers to request the files simultaneously a process known as parallelization. For example, instead of loading all the thumbnails on a page from, I load thumbnails from,, and The larger the files you re sending, the more your performance is limited by bandwidth. Bandwidth can be limited by either your server s Internet connection or the client s Internet connection, so your best bet is always to reduce the size of your webpages. Shorten your webpages, enable HTTP compression, minify your JavaScripts, and increase the compression of images, sounds, and videos. Latency, embedded objects, and bandwidth are the biggest factors, but there are many smaller factors. Use a fast Domain Name System (DNS) provider and minimize the number of different hostnames. Whenever possible, enable client-side caching for the longest period of time possible. Link to your style sheet at the top of your webpage, and embed your analytics at the bottom. To get more tips and to performance-test your own site, visit
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This comment is a lot better because it tells you something you couldn t infer from the code itself. The code itself could still be improved by use of a meaningful enumerated type name instead of O and a better variable name. Here s the best version of this comment and code:
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The tr function is what will load the appropriate locale-specific string at run time; if a string is unavailable, it will default to the text you invoke it with. Obviously, the thing you don t want to do is pick through thousands of lines of source code looking for tr invocations, so Qt provides lupdate, a utility to do just that. You must specify only the translation files to create in your project file and run Qt s lupdate command on your project file to create translation files (their names will end in .ts) containing every localizable string in your sources, headers, and Qt Designer files. Thus, the resource and localization parts of my project file might read:
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One of the most common mistakes made by users who are inexperienced with NTFS permissions is removing the Everyone group from the root of a drive or worse, selecting the Deny box next to Full Control for this group . Remember, more restrictive permissions always override more lenient permissions . As a rule of thumb, the best strategy for the permissions on the top-level folder for any drive is to make sure that all users who will access files on that drive have the proper level of access . After you ve organized data on that drive, tighten up permissions on each subfolder so that it s accessible by the correct users and groups .
When you click in the client area of this form, a compute-bound task will start executing on a thread pool thread . This is good because the GUI thread is not blocked during this time and can therefore respond to other UI operations . However, the code executed by the thread pool thread should not attempt to update UI components or else an InvalidOperationException will be thrown .
protected traffic.
Sewing Up Understanding with BBP
Figure 4-17. The AutoCompleteBox Another thing you may have noticed is that many times when you see an autocomplete textbox, it will automatically complete the text for you as you type. This is controlled by the property IsTextCompletionEnabled, which by default is set to False. <input:AutoCompleteBox x:Name="Color" IsTextCompletionEnabled="True" /> Once this property has been set, you will see that the text will automatically complete as you type, as shown in Figure 4-18.
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Figure 1-5. A document library is a container for documents, images, or forms. A list, such as the one shown in Figure 1-6, is a folder that holds data organized into customizable columns and rows. A list can also have its own permissions, and can be displayed in a standard list view and in Datasheet view, resembling a spreadsheet.
{ // Code size 23 (0x17) .maxstack 2 .locals init (int32 V_0) IL_0000: ldarg.0 IL_0001: stloc.0 IL_0002: br.s IL_0012 IL_0004: ldarg.2 IL_0005: brfalse.s IL_000e IL_0007: ldarg.2 IL_0008: ldloc.0 IL_0009: callvirt instance void Feedback::Invoke(int32) IL_000e: ldloc.0 IL_000f: ldc.i4.1 IL_0010: add IL_0011: stloc.0 IL_0012: ldloc.0 IL_0013: ldarg.1 IL_0014: ble.s IL_0004 IL_0016: ret } // end of method Program::Counter
Appendix B
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