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using System; using System.IO; public sealed class SomeType { private void SomeMethod() { FileStream fs = new FileStream(@"C:\Data.bin ", FileMode.Open); try { // Display 100 divided by the first byte in the file. Console.WriteLine(100 / fs.ReadByte()); } finally { // Put cleanup code in a finally block to ensure that the file gets closed regardless // of whether or not an exception occurs (for example, the first byte was 0). if (fs != null) fs.Dispose(); } } }
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means the following: If it is true that the value in cell P22 is greater than or equal to the value in cell Q22 and if it is also true that the value in cell rL1.ScrollTopicSel is equal to the value in cell G22, then use the value from P22 . Otherwise write #N/A . Thus, the values are compared but the program also is checking whether its possible result is relevant for the display . Relevant in this context means that the possible result is only supposed to be displayed if its position corresponds to the selection that the user defined via the control .
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public void doSomething() { lock (this) { // some synchronized operation } }
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o paraphrase a popular bumper sticker from an earlier era, stuff happens. Applications hang (stop responding) or crash (shut down unexpectedly). Once in a while, a component of Windows walks off the job without warning. And on rare occasions, the grim BSOD (the blue screen of death, more formally known as a Stop error) arrives, bringing your whole system to a halt. In a fully debugged perfect world, such occurrences would never darken your computer screen. But you don t live there, and neither do we. So the prudent course is to prepare for the unexpected by making regular backups (including, if possible, a complete image backup of your system drive), letting the Windows Vista System Protection program create daily restore points, keeping Windows Update enabled, and learning to use the other tools that Windows provides for error diagnosis and recovery. Those tools are the subject of this chapter and 24, Recovering from a Computer Crash.
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if ( FALSE == IsBadCodePtr ( (FARPROC)g_pfnOrigFilt
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SQLExplorer requires Eclipse version 3.0X to 3.1 and the Graphical Editing Framework version 3.X (GEF). GEF can be found at Like most Eclipse plugins, SQLExplorer consists of a single perspective that provides a collection of views and editors. To install the plug-in, follow these simple steps: Download the SQLExplorer file Extract the file into the Eclipse installation directory. Restart Eclipse. Once it s installed, you can access the SQLExplorer perspective from the menu by selecting Window Open Perspective Other and selecting the SQLExplorer option. Figure 2-21 shows the SQLExplorer perspective loaded in Eclipse. pdf417 free
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0x0100 0x0200 0x0400 0x0800 0x1000 0x2000
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The Active Directory domain structure of the forest is shown in the following illustration.. DC1 through DC7 are domain controllers. The domain structure has been set up from scratch using default settings. DC1 is the first DC in the forest. DNS is Active Directory integrated, and both forward and reverse zones have been created. The DNS Server service is installed on all DCs. All servers are Windows Server 2003, Enterprise Edition. All clients are Microsoft Windows XP Professional. Clients reg ister their own host resource records in DNS, and DHCP registers their pointer (PTR) resource records. Which of the following statements is correct
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. . . 1 . . Create a new Web Application project . Name the project MakeItPersonal . 2 . . Microsoft Visual Studio creates a local database including the proper tables to make personalization work . 3 . . Update web .config to include some profile properties, which should be placed in the existing <profile> element . The example here includes a user name, a theme, and a birth date . The following example shows that you can group and nest profile structures in a profile declaration using the group element . Visual Studio adds a <profile> section to the web .config file . Add the configuration information between the <properties> beginning and ending node .
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Optimum Name Length
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