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This code uses the QMessageManager, which provides an abstraction over the message store that lets you access individual messages. The QMessageManager class also provides signals indicating when a message was added to the store (such as by message composition or receipt), removed, or updated (such as when a message s body was fetched over IMAP). You can obtain an individual message using its ID (obtained using one or more QMessageFilters and the QMessageManager s queryMessages method) and the constructor for the QMessage class, which can accept an ID and create an abstraction of the content of the message from its ID. The QMessage class is essentially a large data container, with a number of accessor and mutator methods to obtain message fields and message content, including: The to, cc, and bcc methods to obtain recipient information and the corresponding setTo, setCc, and setBcc methods to set recipient information. The attachmentIds, appendAttachments, and clearAttachments methods to obtain attachment information, append files to the message s attachment list, and clear the list of attached files. The date and receivedDate methods to obtain composition and receipt dates, and the setDate and setReceivedDate methods to set those values. The ID method to obtain a message s ID. The from method to obtain the message originator, and setFrom to set the message s originator. The subject and setSubject methods to obtain and manipulate the message s subject. The status and setStatus message to obtain or set the message s status (including the read status). The bodyId and setBody methods to obtain a reference to the ID for the body or set the body as a string or text stream using QString or QTextStream.
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Being able to quantify how complex a given piece of software is doesn't necessarily dictate an action item for the test team. It is possible for each of the preceding metrics to indicate a high level of complexity in code that contains very few bugs. I often refer to metrics such as this as smoke alarm metrics. When a smoke alarm starts screeching, it doesn't guarantee that there is a fire, but it does indicate that you should look for a fire and respond appropriately. Similarly, when complexity metrics are high, it doesn't necessarily mean that the code is "buggy" or unmaintainable; but it does mean that you should take a closer look. For example, consider cyclomatic complexity and code using a long switch statement, such as the message loop used often in Windows programming. Each case statement in the loop creates a separate path and increases the cyclomatic complexity (and number of test cases needed) by one but doesn't necessarily make the application difficult to test. Consider Microsoft Paint. Paint is quite simple compared to other graphic manipulation applications, but it has nearly 40 menu choices, another 16 choices for drawing tools, and another 28 choices for color selection. I didn't look at the source code for Paint, but I wouldn't be surprised if the code to handle all of these choices is contained in a single case statement! Add to this the drawing-and size-related messages that applications have to handle, and you have a function that some complexity metrics will tell you is so untestable that you should run screaming (but you probably shouldn't). The following code represents part of a typical Windows message loop. Message loops, by design, have dozens or more case statements resulting in a high measurement of cyclomatic complexity. Bugs in message loops definitely do occur, but not nearly in the amount that complexity metrics could lead you to believe.
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Windows Calendar is a straightforward, easy-to-use scheduling application in which you can record appointments and tasks. The program s principal virtue is its support for iCalendar, a standard protocol for sharing calendar information. The iCalendar functionality lets you share your own schedule with others. You can e-mail specific appointment information or an entire calendar to a colleague, for example, or publish your calendar to a website. You can also use Windows Calendar to subscribe to public schedules (arts calendars, calendars of athletic events, notices of public meetings, and so on); subscribed calendar information can be updated automatically at specified time intervals.
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.method public hidebysig static void Main() cil managed { .entrypoint // Code size 26 (0x1a) .maxstack 1 .locals init (object V_0) IL_0000: call void System.Console::WriteLine() IL_0005: newobj instance void System.Object::.ctor() IL_000a: stloc.0 IL_000b: ldloc.0 IL_000c: callvirt instance int32 System.Object::GetHashCode() IL_0011: pop IL_0012: ldloc.0 IL_0013: callvirt instance class System.Type System.Object::GetType() IL_0018: pop IL_0019: ret } // end of method Program::Main
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Con guring Common Options
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Earlier you looked at separating data and logic with variables, concluding that there s rarely a need for data to be a direct part of a computer program. This is true in most cases, but consider some values that never change the value of pi, for example. These unchanging values are called constants, and can also be represented in Ruby by a variable name beginning with a capital letter: Pi = 3.141592 If you enter the preceding line into irb and then try to change the value of Pi, it will let you do it, but you ll get a warning: Pi = 3.141592 Pi = 500
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Using Dial-Up Networking . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10-3
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Note ChAining FUnCTiOns
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Remote Access Over the Internet
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Inside Microsoft SQL Server 2008: T-SQL Programming
Late binding is the instantiation and manipulation of types at run time. This is most often used by scripting engines and applications that accept pluggable modules for example, an application server that allows modules to be loaded dynamically.
Semitemporal Problems
Reviewing a Range of BBP Examples
Creating a Security Group
If we try to execute a spatial operation against this instance for example, a test to see whether a point intersects it we get an error:
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