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The remote access account lockout feature is used to specify how many times a remote access authentication fails against a valid user account before the user is denied remote access. Remote access account lockout is especially important for remote access VPN connections over the Internet. Malicious users on the Internet can attempt to access an organization intranet by sending credentials (valid user name, guessed password) during the VPN connection authentication process. Dur ing a dictionary attack, the malicious user sends hundreds or thousands of creden tials by using a list of passwords based on common words or phrases. With remote access account lockout enabled, a dictionary attack is thwarted after a specified number of failed attempts. The remote access account lockout feature does not distinguish between malicious users who attempt to access your intranet and authentic users who attempt remote access but have forgotten their current passwords. Users who have forgotten their current password typically try the passwords that they remember and might have their accounts locked out. If you enable the remote access account lockout feature, a malicious user can delib erately force an account to be locked out by attempting multiple authentications with the user account until the account is locked out, thereby preventing the authentic user from being able to log on. Changing settings in the registry on the computer that provides the authentication configures the remote access account lockout feature. If the remote access server is configured for Windows authentication, modify the registry on the remote access server computer. If the remote access server is configured for RADIUS authentica tion and Internet Authentication Service (IAS) is being used, modify the registry on the IAS server computer. For more information, see the topic titled Remote access account lockout in Windows Server 2003 Help and Support Center.
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In this example, you have a permanent loop, and when server.accept responds, a new thread is created and started immediately to handle the connection that has just been accepted, using the connection object passed into the thread. However, the main program immediately loops back and awaits new connections. Using Ruby threads in this way means the code is portable and will run in the same way on Linux, OS X, and Windows. However, threading is not without its disadvantages. In Ruby 1.8, threads aren t true operating system level threads, and they can seize up in situations where the program is waiting on the system for data. There s also an overhead on each connection to create the new thread and pass execution to it. With Ruby 1.9, operating system level threads are used, but they are restricted in their operation in order to retain compatibility with 1.8 and external libraries (see 11 for more information). On POSIX-compliant operating systems (such as OS X and Linux, but not Windows though Windows users should still read this section), it s possible to fork a program so that a separate process is created, as opposed to a separate thread. However, rather than fork at the time of receiving a connection, you can fork a number of listening processes in advance to increase the maximum number of connections you can handle at once: require 'socket' server = 5.times do fork do while connection = server.accept while line = connection.gets break if line =~ /quit/ puts line connection.puts "Received!" end connection.puts "Closing the connection. Bye!" connection.close end end end
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9. Click Finish. 10. In the console tree, right-click Remote Access Policies and then click New Remote Access Policy. 11. On the Welcome To The New Remote Access Policy Wizard page, click Next.
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public delegate void Feedback( Object value, Int32 item, Int32 numItems);
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In all views, Windows Explorer provides folders with headings that it considers appropriate for the content type. In the Documents folder shown in Figure 7-5 on the next page, for example, the default headings are Name, Date Modified, Type, Size, and Tags. You can add headings for other properties, delete existing ones, or change the order in which headings appear by right-clicking any heading (or right-clicking in the unoccupied space to the right of the headings) and choosing More. This action displays the Choose Details dialog box, which provides check boxes for all available headings.
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// // <autogenerated> // // // // // // Changes to this file may cause incorrect behavior and will be lost if the code is regenerated. This code was generated by a tool. Runtime Version: 1.0.3307.0
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Spikes are large but short-lived increases in voltage. They can occur because of external factors, such as lightning striking a power line, or because of internal factors, such as a large motor starting. The most common causes of severe voltage spikes are external and outside your control. The effects can be devastating. A nearby lightning strike can easily cause a spike of 1,000 volts or more to be sent into equipment designed to run on 110 to 120 volts. Few, if any, electronic components are designed to withstand large voltage spikes of several thousand volts, and almost all will suffer damage if they re not protected from them. Protection from spikes comes in many forms, from the $19.95 power strip with built-in surge protection that you can buy at your local hardware store to complicated arrays of transformers and specialized sacri cial transistors that are designed to die so that others may live. Unfortunately, those $19.95 power strips just aren t good enough. They are better than nothing, but barely. They have a limited ability to withstand really large spikes. More specialized (and more expensive, of course) surge protectors that are speci cally designed to protect computer networks are available from various companies. They differ in their ability to protect against really large spikes and in their cost. There s a fairly direct correlation between the cost of these products and their rated capacity and speed of action within any company s range of products, but the cost for a given level of protection can differ signi cantly from company to company. As always, if the price sounds too good to be true, it is. In general, these surge protectors are designed to work by sensing a large increase in voltage and creating an alternate electrical path for that excessive voltage that doesn t allow it to get through to your server. In the most severe spikes, the surge protectors should destroy themselves before allowing the voltage to get through to your server. The effectiveness of these standalone surge protectors depends on the speed of their response to a large voltage increase and the mechanism of failure when their capacity is exceeded. If the surge protector doesn t respond quickly enough to a spike, bad things will happen. Most UPSs also provide some protection from spikes. They have built-in surge protectors, plus isolation circuitry that tends to buffer the effects of spikes. The effectiveness of the spike protection in a UPS is not directly related to its cost, however the overall cost of the UPS is more a factor of its effectiveness as an alternative power source. Your responsibility is to read the ne print and understand the limitations of the surge protection a given UPS offers. Also remember that just as with simple surge protectors, large voltage spikes can cause the surge
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[AcceptVerbs(HttpVerbs.Post)] public ActionResult Delete(int id, FormCollection formsCollection) { try { DotNetLink dotNetLink = dotNetLinksManager.Find(id); if (dotNetLink != null) { dotNetLinksManager.Delete(dotNetLink); dotNetLinksManager.Save(); return RedirectToAction("Index"); } else { return View(); }
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c. The server has been unauthorized by a senior network manager. d. The server is not running Windows Server 2003. 3. By default, how long do logged events last in DHCP server logs a. One day b. One week c. One month d. Until the log grows beyond 1 MB
On the Con rmation page, review the details and then click Recover to restore the listed items. On the Recovery progress page, view the status of the recovery operation to determine whether it was completed successfully.
SQL> select * 2 from course_days 3 where days > 10; EMPNO -------7499 7698 7788 SQL> Now, the original problem is rather easy to solve. Listing 10-9 shows the solution. Listing 10-9. Working Toward a Solution: The Final Step SQL> select * 2 from course_days 3 where days > (select avg(days) 4 from course_days); EMPNO -------7499 7698 7788 7839 7876 7902 SQL> Of course, you could argue that you could solve this query directly against the two base tables, but it is easy to make a little mistake. Moreover, your solution will probably be difficult to interpret. We could have used an inline view as well, or we could have separated the query in Listing 10-7 into a WITH clause, as described in Section 9.4 of 9. Inline views and subquery factoring (using the WITH clause) are good alternatives if you don t have the right system privileges to create views. A big advantage of using views, compared with inline views and subquery factoring, is the fact that view definitions are persistent; that is, you might benefit from the same view for more than one problem. Views occupy very little space (the DBMS stores the query text only), and there is no redundancy at all. ENAME DAYS -------- -------ALLEN 11 BLAKE 12 SCOTT 12 KING 8 ADAMS 9 FORD 9 ENAME DAYS -------- -------ALLEN 11 BLAKE 12 SCOTT 12
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