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Lesson 2: Creating Client Scripts with the Microsoft AJAX Library
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FigURE 11-7 Using the entity model editor to change the structure of an application model but maintain the mapping back to the database. barcode generator free
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When it comes to troubleshooting the VPN architecture, use the procedures outlined in the book in the order that they appear. The troubleshooting procedures in this book are designed to rule out issues step by step. They are designed to drill down to the root causes of setup failures and prob lems. VPN is not a technology that responds well to a shotgun method of trouble shooting many services and systems need to work with each other to make a VPN setup operate successfully. Take the time, use our procedures, and make sure to check out the sample logs and troubleshooting samples included on the compan ion CD for this book. Our test team in the Windows Division at Microsoft Corporate uses the same logs and tools to troubleshoot, so you should be successful in trou bleshooting VPN every time.
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Notice that the BinaryWriter s constructor takes a reference to a FileStream object as a parameter. Internally, the BinaryWriter object saves the FileStream s reference. When you write to a BinaryWriter object, it internally buffers the data in its own memory buffer. When the buffer is full, the BinaryWriter object writes the data to the FileStream.
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How do you make your applications perform faster You could simply throw hardware at the problem, but with the increasing move towards green data centers, soaking up more electricity and generating more heat that you have to get rid of is not exactly a great way to showcase your environmental awareness. Of course, you should always endeavor to write efficient code and take full advantage of the capabilities of the platform and operating system, but what does that entail One of the ways that you may be able to make your application more efficient is to ensure you employ an appropriate level of caching for data that you reuse, and which is expensive to create. However, caching every scrap of data that you use may be counterproductive. For example, I once installed a photo screensaver that used caching to store the transformed versions of the original images and reduce processing requirements as it repeatedly cycled through the collection of photos. It probably works fine if you only have a few dozen images, but with my vast collection of high-resolution photos it very quickly soaked up three gigabytes of memory, bringing my machine (with only one gig of memory installed) to its knees. So, before you blindly implement caching across your whole application, think about what, how, where, and when you should implement caching. Table 1 contains some pointers.
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The GetObjectData method here works just like the ISerializable interface s GetObjectData method . The only difference is that ISerializationSurrogate s
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Inside Microsoft SQL Server 2008: T-SQL Programming
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To do this, you first check the position of the empty location relative to the position of the location of the block that the player clicked. If it is immediately above, below, to the left, or to the right of the current block, you can move it. Because the board is a one-dimensional array representing a 4 4 board, this is easy to do. Items to the left and to the right of the current item are off by 1 and +1, respectively, and items above and below are off by 4 and +4, respectively, so if you seek the blocks at these indices for the empty block, you know that the player can move.
Note Not keeping your customizations in version control can be highly detrimental to your
The .detach() function removes the found elements from the DOM. This sample code finds the <div/> tag with the div1 ID and removes it and its contents. Note that .detach() is similar to .remove(). detach() keeps the removed items around in case you intend to reinsert them somewhere else. The .remove() method removes the items altogether. (continued)
c. What is the maximum number of deployable addresses contained within a pool assigned a subnet mask of
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