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WITH Roads2 AS ( SELECT city1 AS from_city, city2 AS to_city, distance FROM dbo.Roads UNION ALL SELECT city2, city1, distance FROM dbo.Roads ), RoadPaths AS ( SELECT from_city, to_city, distance, CAST('.' + from_city + '.' + to_city + '.' AS VARCHAR(MAX)) AS path FROM Roads2 UNION ALL SELECT F.from_city, T.to_city, F.distance + T.distance, CAST(F.path + T.to_city + '.' AS VARCHAR(MAX)) FROM RoadPaths AS F JOIN Roads2 AS T ON CASE WHEN F.path LIKE '%.' + T.to_city + '.%' THEN 1 ELSE 0 END = 0 AND F.to_city = T.from_city ), RoadsMinDist -- Min distance for each pair in TC AS ( SELECT from_city, to_city, MIN(distance) AS mindist FROM RoadPaths GROUP BY from_city, to_city ) -- Return shortest paths and distances SELECT RP.* FROM RoadsMinDist AS RMD
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This chapter has provided an overview of the data access capabilities provided by ADO.NET. The ADO.NET Data Provider architecture provides functionality comparable to that of JDBC. Although the .NET DataReader lacks some of the more advanced functionality of the ResultSet, the consolidation of the Command classes and the use of C# properties and indexers often results in cleaner code, in our opinion. The ADO.NET DataSet offers functionality similar to that of the JDBC RowSet interface. A DataSet can place heavy demands on the memory of a system and can be complex to configure correctly; however, the disconnected data management capabilities and extensive support for XML integration of a DataSet make it a valuable tool to simplify the development of any data-oriented application.
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<p>this is a <strong>test</strong> of <em>using RedCloth</em></p> In this example, you first load up the RubyGems library, and then load up the RedCloth library with require. When RubyGems is loaded on the first line, the RubyGems library overrides the require method and enables it to be used to load gems as if they were normal, local libraries. After that point, you can use the RedCloth library, create an object, and call a method on that object. If you get the HTML as output, everything was a success. You ve used your first gem. qr code sample
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Another important task of the DBMS is the maintenance of a data dictionary, containing all data about the data (the metadata). Here are some examples of information maintained in a data dictionary: Overview of all entities and attributes in the database Constraints (integrity) Access rights to the data Additional semantic explanations Database user authorization data
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Configuration with Attributes When you specify just the type in a constructor parameter, as shown earlier, the container will return the default concrete implementation of that type as defined in the registrations within the container. To specify a named registration when using constructor injection, you can add the Dependency attribute to the parameter definition, as shown below.
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Java Example of Precomputing a Complex Computation
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Working with Isolated Storage
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Finding Gems
.method private instance void btnConditionalBreaks_Click(object sender, class [mscorlib]System.EventArgs e) cil managed { // Code size .maxstack 4 139 (0x8b) Page 343 Thursday, June 10, 2004 12:29 PM
You might also be requested to lter the data for example, return monthly aggregates for each employee only for months before the employee reached a certain target. Typically, you ll have a target for each employee stored in a Targets table that you ll need to join to. To make this example simple, I ll assume that all employees have the same target total quantity 1,000. In practice, you ll use the target attribute from the Targets table. Because you need to lter an aggregate, not an attribute, you must specify the lter expression (in this case, SUM(O2.qty) < 1000) in the HAVING clause, not the WHERE clause. The solution is as follows:
Team Foundation Build
Each of these factors can be significant, so consider them along with the factors shown in Table 28-1 (which includes some of these factors).
for ( claimNumber = 0; claimNumber < numClaims[ client ]; claimNumber++ ) { sum[ client ] = sum[ client ] + claimAmount[ claimNumber ]; } if ( client == 45 ) { sum[ 45 ] = sum[ 45 ] + 3.45; }
EXEC sp_refreshview 'dbo.V1';
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