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For this example, after you nd the graphic of a clipboard, locate the Explanation slide layout that you designed earlier in this chapter, in the section Creating the Explanation Slide Layout Manually. Right-click the Explanation slide layout, and select
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Figure 2-8 Two options for adjusting column width
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[MetadataType(typeof(ProductMetadata))] public partial class Product { ... Existing members defined here, but without attributes or annotations ... }
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Case 7 8 9 Test Description Define companyRetirement in line 12 and use it first in line 26. This isn t necessarily covered by any of the previous test cases. Define companyRetirement in line 15 and use it first in line 31. This isn t necessarily covered by any of the previous test cases. Define companyRetirement in line 17 and use it first in line 31. This isn t necessarily covered by any of the previous test cases.
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styled differently from the rest of the application (for example, the application title). In this case, determine if it is better to convert the text to a path or to embed the font. Embedding a font can affect the size of the downloaded .xap file because some font files are rather large. To minimize the size of the downloaded .xap file, Expression Blend allows you to download a subset of the font characters instead of the entire font. For more information about this, see Using Custom Fonts in Silverlight on the Silverlight Developer Center. Design-Time Optimizations The following sections describe design-time scenarios and provide solutions for making the most of the design-time experience. Large Solutions with Many XAML Resources In large applications with many XAML resources that are part of the solution, visual designer load time can be affected, sometimes significantly. This performance slowdown exists because the visual designer must parse all merged XAML resources. The solution to this problem is to move all XAML resources to another solution, compile that solution, and then reference the new XAML resource DLL from the large solution. Because the XAML resources are in a binary referenced assembly, the visual designer does not parse the XAML resources, thus improving design-time performance. When moving XAML resources to an external assembly, you might want to consider exposing Component ResourceKeys for your resources. For more information, see the Component ResourceKey Markup Extension topic on MSDN. XAML Assets XAML is a powerful and expressive language for creating assets such as images, diagrams, drawings, and 3-D scenes. Some developers and designers prefer creating XAML assets instead of using .ico, .jpg, or .png image files. One reason that they prefer the XAML approach is to take advantage of the resolution independence of XAML rendering. Another is that they can use one tool set, the Expression Suite, to create all the required assets and design their applications. If the solution has many of these assets, design-time visual designer loading can be affected. Moving assets to a separate DLL solves the performance problem. Moving the assets also enables reuse across multiple solutions. Visual Designers and Referenced Assemblies An unfortunate side-effect of moving XAML resources and assets to a binary referenced assembly is that the Expression Blend and Visual Studio 2010 property editors do not list resources located in binary referenced assemblies. This means that you will not be able to pick a named resource from one of the resource pickers provided by the tools. Instead, you will need to type the name of the resource.
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Accessibility is about removing barriers and providing the benefits of technology for everyone. Steve Ballmer Accessibility is the availability of equal access to the information and tools that anyone can use to accomplish everyday tasks. This includes everything from copying files to browsing the Web to creating new documents. A user's capacity to create and maintain a mental model of the application, Web site, or document content, as well as the user's ability to interact with it, is the root of software accessibility. One of Microsoft's largest customers, the United States federal government, requires that their information technologies take into account the needs of all users. In 1998, Section 508 ( of the Rehabilitation Act was enacted to eliminate obstacles and create opportunities for people with disabilities. Microsoft is committed to supporting Section 508. An internal Accessibility Business Unit works with engineering teams, assistive- technology companies, and disability advocates to ensure that people with disabilities can use software developed by all software companies. Several layers of specialty features all of which play an important part in how accessible a program is define accessibility. Some of the features that must be tested for any application include the following: Operating system settings Operating system settings include settings such as large fonts, high dots per inch (DPI), high-contrast themes, cursor blink rate, StickyKeys, FilterKeys, MouseKeys, SerialKeys, ToggleKeys, screen resolution, custom mouse settings, and input from on-screen keyboards, as shown in Figure 11-7. "Built-in" accessibility features Built-in features include features and functionality such as tab
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Figure 8-6. Creating a Guestbook entry is similar to adding a content article to Joomla. code to generate barcode 128
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// Simplified function to check for an existing file and delete that file if it exists // and create a new file A0 private static void CreateNewFile (string myFilename)
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Multiple Quanti cation
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If a DNS zone that accepts only secure dynamic updates, hosting a DHCP server on a domain controller is not secure when the server is a member of the security group DnsUpdateProxy. In this case, all of the resource records created by the Netlogon service for the domain controller lack security. For the same reason, in a DNS zone that accepts both nonsecure and secure updates, hosting a DHCP server on a domain controller is never secure.
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In this exercise, you create a new ASP.NET website and define support for partial-page updates.
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