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The @Master directive contains a new attribute, MasterPageFile, that specifies the master page this page is related to. The child master is two things at once. It is a content page with respect to the parent master (and, in fact, it contains a collection of <asp:Content> regions). At the same time, it is a master with respect to other content pages in that it features one or more content placeholders for example, Menu. The following code illustrates a sample content page that originates from the two nested masters. Figure 2-6 shows the final page in the browser.
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3. When the Open Query dialog box appears, click the Open button to export the SharePoint data to Excel.
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Works in conjunction with Superfetch Automatic to improve performance by using plug-in memory to cache disk contents . Automatically dials a connection (a connection to a dial-up ISP, for instance, or a VPN connection) when necessary to connect to a remote network . Creates network connections; also required by Windows Firewall and ICS . Supports RPC functionality that is used throughout Windows . If this service is turned off, Windows will not start . Manages the RPC name service database, enabling RPC clients using the RpcNs family of application programming interfaces (APIs) to locate RPC servers . Almost no applications written in the last decade use these APIs . Lets a user at a remote computer modify the registry on your computer . This feature is typically used only in large organizations and represents a security risk if not carefully configured . Provides support for LAN-based routing, specifically incoming dial-up and VPN connections . Allows a user to start a program using an alternative user name and password (using Run As); this service can be effectively used by Scheduled Tasks and by administrators . Manages security information for all local accounts . This service is essential to the proper operation of Windows and should never be disabled . Monitors security settings (such as the status of Windows Firewall) . Supports network file and printer sharing and provides RPC support . Manual; may be set to Disabled if you never use dial-up connections of any kind .
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STATISTICS IO is a session option used extensively throughout these books. It returns I/O-related information about the statements that you run. To demonstrate its use, rst clear the data cache:
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Screen savers don t save screens (in long-gone days when screens were invariably CRTs and in many offices displayed the same application at all hours of the working day, having an image move about during idle times probably did extend the service life of some displays), and they certainly don t save energy. But they re fun to watch. Windows Vista includes a few new ones and eliminates some that were part of Windows XP. To see the current offerings, right-click the desktop, choose Personalize from the shortcut menu, and then click Screen Saver.
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Note In the SQL code that creates the categories, we preferred not to rely on the category_id values automatically generated by the database, to make sure you end up having the same IDs as the ones we assume you have. This will be important later, when assigning particular category IDs with product IDs. When manually specifying IDs that would otherwise be generated by the sequence, you need to also update the sequence, as shown in the previous code snippet. If you plan on adding new categories, make sure the table is empty before executing the SQL INSERT statements. You can delete the contents of the category table using this command:
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Language Java Python Straight Time 2.94 3.91 Code-Tuned Time 2.83 3.94 Time Savings 4% -1%
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7. On the VPN Entries page, click the default entry and click Edit.
Hardware RAID systems can provide for both hot-swap and hot-spare capabilities. A hotswap disk system allows failed hard disks to be removed and a replacement disk inserted into the array without powering down the system or rebooting the server. When the new disk is inserted, it is automatically recognized and either will be automatically con gured into the array or can be manually con gured into it. Additionally, many hot-swap RAID systems allow you to add hard disks into empty slots dynamically and automatically or manually increase the size of the RAID volume on the y without a reboot. A hot-spare RAID con guration uses an additional, precon gured disk or disks to automatically replace a failed disk. These systems can be con gured to automatically regenerate the array in the event of a failure, thus maintaining maximal redundancy. When combined with a RAID con guration that can withstand multiple drive failures, such as RAID 6, a hot-spare system provides a very high degree of redundancy and availability. Even where you don t have hot-spare drive already con gured into your array, it makes sense to always keep a matching spare drive available in your replacement-parts cabinet. Hard drives aren t all that expensive, and having a spare will save you time if you have a drive failure in your array. Plus, with drive sizes and technology changing rapidly, it can be annoying to try to nd a matching drive two or three years after you buy the original array.
for method 'Program.Swap<T>(ref T, ref T)' cannot be inferred from the usage. Try specifying the type arguments explicitly."
Zone Types
The five registry values and their standard settings are summarized in Table 6-1.
Inside Microsoft SQL Server 2008: T-SQL Programming
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