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editions of Windows Server 2008. You may already be familiar with the need to protect data on client hard drives, but that need can be just as important on servers, particularly in a branch office. According to Forrester, data breaches are expensive: The cost of a single, significant security breach may run into millions or even billions of dollars. ( Calculating the Cost of a Security Breach, Khalid Kark, April 10, 2007: 0,7211,42082,00.html) and, unfortunately, they are also common: 34% of respondents experienced at least one personal data breach. ( Aligning Data Protection Priorities with Risk, Jonathan Penn, April 13, 2006: 0,7211,39257,00.html) Most IT professionals are well aware of the risk of a user s laptop being left in a taxi or stolen. Hopefully, you are not likely to leave a production server in a taxi, but have you considered what would happen if your servers were stolen I worked with a military customer once who told me that his organization had equipped domain controllers with C4 explosive charges because they were deployed in theater and would be destroyed rather than risk authentication data falling into enemy hands. Now, your risk is probably not the same as those on the battlefield, but there is always some risk, and it is not just hypothetical. A colleague of mine (okay, it was Jesper), was involved with a customer s organization that did have a thief back a truck into and through the wall of their building to steal their servers. BitLocker gives you another tool to help mitigate the risk at the level you need. I hope, however, that you are thinking beyond the data center. Here are some contrasting examples from my work experience:
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Grouping From the other side of the looking glass, white space is grouping, making sure that related statements are grouped together.
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Figure 15-19 UAC group policy adjustment.
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delete from salgrades where grade = 5; 1 row deleted. select * from salgrades; GRADE LOWERLIMIT UPPERLIMIT BONUS ----- ---------- ---------- ---------1 700 1200 0 2 1201 1400 50 3 1401 2000 100 4 2001 3000 200 rollback; Rollback complete. To illustrate the fact that you can also use subqueries in the FROM clause of the DELETE statement, Listing 6-7 shows an alternative formulation for the same DELETE statement. Again, we use the ROLLBACK command to undo our changes. Listing 6-7. Alternative DELETE Command, Using a Subquery select * from salgrades; GRADE LOWERLIMIT UPPERLIMIT BONUS ----- ---------- ---------- ---------1 700 1200 0 2 1201 1400 50 3 1401 2000 100 4 2001 3000 200 5 3001 9999 500 delete from (select * from salgrades where grade = 5); 1 row deleted. select * from salgrades; GRADE LOWERLIMIT UPPERLIMIT BONUS ----- ---------- ---------- ---------1 700 1200 0 2 1201 1400 50 3 1401 2000 100 4 2001 3000 200
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Quick Check
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The UpdatePanel control supports partial-page updates by tying together specific server-side controls and events that cause them to render . The UpdatePanel control causes only selected parts of the page to be refreshed instead of the whole page (as happens during a typical HTTP postback) .
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USE InsideTSQL2008; SELECT region, city FROM Sales.Customers WHERE country = N'USA' INTERSECT SELECT region, city FROM HR.Employees WHERE country = N'USA' ORDER BY region, city;
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Once Shoes is installed, create a Ruby file with your favorite text editor in the usual way. Call it shoes1.rb and save it anywhere you like. Populate it thus: { button "Press me" } Instead of running your code in the usual way, you need to run it with Shoes. Get Shoes up and running (for example, by double-clicking the Shoes icon in your Applications folder on Mac OS X or in the Start Menu on Windows). Then open the shoes1.rb file you created (a file selector box may come up automatically, but if it doesn t, use the Open menu option). Upon opening shoes1.rb, you should see a window a little like that in Figure 16-1 a window with just a single button inside that says Press me. Click the button if you like, but nothing will happen. Then close the application.
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Part I Overview and Configuration
Download at
As you can probably guess, the output from this program is
using System; // Interface defining a Change method interface IChangeBoxedPoint { void Change(Int32 x, Int32 y); }
<Serializable()> _ <SqlUserDefinedType(Format.Native, IsByteOrdered:=True)> _ Public Structure ComplexNumberVB Implements INullable Private Shared ReadOnly parser As New Regex("\A\(\s*( <real>\- \d+(\.\d+) )\s*,\ s*( <img>\- \d+(\.\d+) )\s*i\s*\)\Z", _ RegexOptions.Compiled Or RegexOptions.ExplicitCapture) Private realValue As Double Private imaginaryValue As Double Private isNullValue As Boolean Private Const nullValue As String = "<<null complex>>" Private Shared ReadOnly NULL_INSTANCE As New ComplexNumberVB(True) Public Sub New(ByVal real As Double, ByVal imaginary As Double) Me.realValue = real Me.imaginaryValue = imaginary Me.isNullValue = False End Sub Private Sub New(ByVal isnull As Boolean) Me.isNullValue = isnull Me.realValue = 0 Me.imaginaryValue = 0 End Sub Public Overrides Function ToString() As <SqlFacet(maxSize:=700)> String If Me.isNullValue = True Then Return nullValue
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