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Encoder PDF417 in C# Thread Basics

Tip You might be surprised to nd that the RAND function when given an integer seed as
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These rules generalize DeMorgan s Laws. If U={a,b,c, }, to say that P(x) is true for all elements of U is to say that P(a), P(b), P(c), are all true, or equivalently, that the conjunction P(a) P(b) P(c) . . . is true. Similarly, to say that there exists at least one value x in U for which P(x) is true is to say that either P(a) or P(b) or P(c) or is true, or equivalently, that P(a) P(b) P(c) . . . is true.
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SELECT id, cn.ToString() AS cn FROM dbo.CNUsage;
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If you have two arrays, you can quickly combine their results into one: x y z p = [1, 2, 3] = ["a", "b", "c"] = x + y z
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Web Resource Properties
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Configuring the Initial Test Lab
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The following code samples show a single-file web form that displays the current time. Note that the page is primarily standard HTML. The sections in bold are processed by ASP.NET on the server, however, and replace the ASP.NET Label control with the current time (as generated by the DateTime.Now.ToString static method) when the TimeLabel.Load event occurs.
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csc /target:module /out:MyModule.netmodule FirstSourceFile.cs SecondSourceFile.cs
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1. Modify presentation/templates/checkout_info.tpl: Shipping region: {$checkout_info->mShippingRegion} </span> {/if} <br /><br /> {if $checkout_info->mNoCreditCard!= 'yes' && $checkout_info->mNoShippingAddress != 'yes'} Shipping type: <select name="shipping"> {section name=cShippings loop=$checkout_info->mShippings} <option value="{$checkout_info->mShippings[cShippings].shipping_id}"> {$checkout_info->mShippings[cShippings].shipping_type} </option> {/section} </select> <br /><br /> {/if} <input type="submit" name="sended" value="Place Order" {$checkout_info->mOrderButtonVisible} /> <input type="button" value="Edit Shopping Cart" 2. Add a new member to the CheckoutInfo class in presentation/smarty_plugins/ function.load_checkout_info.php as follows: public $mPlainCreditCard; public $mShippingRegion; public $mShippings; 3. Modify the init() method in the CheckoutInfo class in function.load_checkout_info.php: // If the Place Order button was clicked, save the order to database if ($this->_mPlaceOrder == 1) { $this->mCustomerData = Customer::Get(); $tax_id = ''; switch ($this->mCustomerData ['shipping_region_id']) { case 2: $tax_id = 1; break; default: $tax_id = 2; }
Off the Record Although you need to know how to perform these calculations for the exam, most sysadmins avoid doing so on the job. Administrators who need to determine subnet related information typically use what is called a subnet calculator or network calculator. Many of these utilities can be downloaded for free, and some even operate directly from Web pages. Typically, subnet calculators allow you to enter some addressing requirements, such as a network address and number of hosts per subnet, and then automatically calculate the rest of the addressing information for you. This information can include the appropriate subnet mask, the number of subnets, the binary form of the address, and the subnet broadcast address.
public static void WriteLine(Int32 value);
FIGURE 2-14 Data Field Values dialog box
What I have done here is separate the two fields by a cache line (64 bytes) . Now, when I run the program, I get a result of 3,415,703 milliseconds . The first version is four times slower because the two fields were part of the same cache line and the CPUs had to keep handing the bytes back and forth to each other! From the program s point of view, the two threads were manipulating different data; but, from the CPU s cache line point of view, the CPUs were manipulating the same data . This is called false sharing . If the CPUs are on different NonUniform Memory Access (NUMA) nodes, then the performance impact can be substantially worse . In the second version, the fields were on different cache lines, so the CPUs could each work independently; nothing was shared . I bring up this discussion to show you that cache lines and false sharing can have an enormous impact on the performance of an application when adjacent data is accessed by multiple threads simultaneously . This is something you should be aware of in performanceconscience scenarios and, if you detect it, you can usually devise a way to avoid it (like my use of the FieldOffset attribute) . Be aware that arrays maintain their length at the beginning of the array s memory, which is right next to the first few array elements . When you access any array element, the CLR verifies that the index you are using is within the array s length . This means that accessing an array s element always involves accessing the array s length, too . Therefore, to avoid additional false sharing, you should avoid having one thread write to the first few elements in the array while other threads are accessing other elements in the array .
{ MultiView1.ActiveViewIndex = 0; } else { MultiView1.ActiveViewIndex += 1; }
The verbal and visual variations that you can create using BBP are literally endless. This chapter shows you more examples of BBP in action as it is applied to a wide range of topics and purposes, showing what a presentation might look if you were to: Introduce a case to jurors in an opening statement with The Trial. Keep your team on track toward completing a project with The Plan. Summarize your market research ndings to your clients with The Analysis. Update and gain the support of your boss for your activities with The Report. Teach your students about a new topic with The Class. Sell the services of your company to a client with The Pitch. Because of space limitations, the examples in this chapter show selected portions of story templates, storyboards, and slides, focusing primarily on the critical Act I, Call to Action, and Key Point slides rather than on the Explanation and Detail slides that will contain your own speci c photos, charts, graphs, screen captures, and diagrams. Every presentation was built using the same process in this book, but each looks and feels very different. Likewise, your own presentations will re ect your own understanding of your speci c audiences that determines the words you write in the story template, the graphics you add to the storyboard, and the way you deliver the experience. As with the nancial services example presentation in the earlier chapters of this book, the example presentations in this chapter adhere to the design constraint of a limited budget to show you what you can do with a stock photography Web site and your own creativity if you have a larger budget or work with a professional graphic designer, you probably can do even better. If you nd that adding the graphics to the storyboard is fun and relatively easy for you, that s only because of the hard work you accomplished in the story template. If adding graphics is not your strength, work with others who can help, and be sure to visit for a continually fresh stream of graphical ideas designed to make that part of your job easier.
As with a namespace, you must also register a class with the Microsoft AJAX Library for it to be available with the ScriptManager at run time and through IntelliSense at design time. You register a class by calling the registerClass extension method of your object. This method has three parameters: typeName, baseType, and interfaceTypes. TypeName is the full name of the class you intend to register. BaseType is the class on which the new class builds. This is how inheritance is supported by the library. If your class should stand alone, you can pass null into this parameter. If your class is meant to be an AJAX control or a behavior, you pass in Sys.UI.Control or Sys.UI.Behavior, respectively. Finally, the interfaceTypes parameter indicates the interfaces that the class must implement. You can define your own interfaces with the library. You can also implement one or more framework interfaces. This parameter is an array, so you can pass multiple interfaces into it. The following code shows an example of the registerClass method.
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