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Note that the IDisposable interface does not appear in the output because this interface is not declared in the EXE file s assembly .
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[2, "a", "b", "c", 10, 12] You can use ranges with objects belonging to many different classes, including ones you create yourself.
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for ( i =0; i < maxLines; i++ ) for ( i =0; i < maxLines; i++ ) { } for ( i =0; i < maxLines; i++ ) { // whatever goes in here ... }
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internal static class CancellationDemo { public static void Go() { CancellationTokenSourcects = new CancellationTokenSource(); // Pass the CancellationToken and the number-to-count-to into the operation ThreadPool.QueueUserWorkItem(o => Count(cts.Token, 1000)); Console.WriteLine("Press <Enter> to cancel the operation."); Console.ReadLine(); cts.Cancel(); // If Count returned already, Cancel has no effect on it // Cancel returns immediately, and the method continues running here... } private static void Count(CancellationToken token, Int32 countTo) { for (Int32 count = 0; count <countTo; count++) { if (token.IsCancellationRequested) { Console.WriteLine("Count is cancelled"); break; // Exit the loop to stop the operation } Console.WriteLine(count); Thread.Sleep(200); // For demo, waste some time } Console.WriteLine("Count is done"); } }
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Screen layout and print page layout Type area and layout grid Formatting and measurements Lines and borders
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Security Templates Snap-In
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You can t set filters in a protected worksheet unless you explicitly permit the filter option (by activating the relevant CheckBox) in the Protect Sheet dialog box .
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Part V
RPC Events
What Are Transactions
Let s now take a closer look at the structure and use of the worksheet, with reference to Figure 9-15 . 1. You use the OptionButtons to select the respective option . Both are linked with cell A1 named rT1.BasisSel (this shouldn t be on a focus worksheet, but this can be excused for this test model not complying with the rS1 .Method) . In A1, either 1 or 2 is chosen, which is then processed by formulas .
19. General Control Issues
Alternate Configuration Tab The settings in the Alternate Configuration tab of the Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) Properties dialog box determine a host s IP address when the host has been configured for automatic addressing and when no DHCP server can be found. As shown in Figure 2-20 and Figure 2-21, the two basic choices in this tab are to give the host an APIPA address or to configure an alternate address manually.
In Windows Server 2003 networks, domains are created in and supported by Microsoft Active Directory directory service. Active Directory is a distributed database and direc tory service that is replicated among all domain controllers on the network. The Active Directory database stores information about network objects including domains, com puters, users, and other objects. The distributed nature of Active Directory gives network users access to permitted resources anywhere on the network by using a single logon process. It also provides a single point of administration for all network objects. The term domains is used to refer both to groupings of computers in Active Directory and to hierarchical name suffixes such as in DNS. Remember that Active Directory domains and DNS domains are separate entities governed by separate sys tems. However, to simplify administration, Active Directory domains and their member computers are normally assigned names that match DNS names. In this way, the Active Directory namespace and the DNS namespace overlap. Figure 1-6 illustrates the overlapping Active Directory and DNS namespaces.
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