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Prioritizing Your Slides
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Part II Solutions
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E xErcIsE Creating the Website and Adding Controls
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http.sys HTTP/1.1 200 OK ... GET/vdir2/page.aspx HTTP/1.1 200 OK ...
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request, check the XML API FAQ document from DataCash.
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WITH J1 AS ( SELECT T1.a AS T1a, T1.b AS T1b, T1.c, T1.v1, T2.b AS T2b, T2.v2 FROM dbo.T1 JOIN dbo.T2 ON T2.b = T1.b ), J2 AS ( SELECT T3.c AS T3c, T3.v3, T4.d, T4.c AS T4c, T4.v4 FROM dbo.T3 JOIN dbo.T4 ON T4.c = T3.c ) SELECT * FROM J1 JOIN J2 ON J2.T3c = J1.c OPTION(FORCE ORDER);
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5: The XML .NET Document Object Model
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ID -4 NAME_1 -------Arkansas GEOM_AREA ---------------137703845304.298 GEOG_AREA ---------------137691014780.597 AREA_DIFFERENCE_KM_SQ ---------------------12.8305237011719
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New Contacted Qualified Lost Cannot Contact No Longer Interested Canceled Open Sent Received Canceled
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FIGURE 12-16 Working with a file screen template
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Two new features in the redesigned formula bar are quite useful . These are shown in Figure 1-3:
SELECT C.custid, companyname, orderid FROM Sales.Customers AS C JOIN Sales.Orders AS O ON C.custid = O.custid WHERE country = N'USA';
variable that we could then call methods on in order to do various things. Luckily, we can do just that! Shoes.app do @button = button("Press me") @button.click { alert Time.now } end Functionally, this is equivalent to the first example, but instead of defining a button on the fly and then having no handle back to it, we ve assigned the button to the @button variable. The click method is then used to associate the on click action with the button.
JCal Pro can import events from only the ExtCalendar component for Mambo. The import occurs automatically if another calendar is found to be installed.
he standard setup for most internal DNS servers, including SBS 2003, was to set up your DNS server as a primary zone and then con gure it to forward all
Which Charts for Which Purpose
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