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Demand-Dial VPN Networking. Using a dial-up line to connect a branch
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When you jot notes on a scrap of paper, you probably just put the pen on the page and start writing. You can add notes to your Office OneNote 2007 page with the same ease just click anywhere on the page and start typing. Clicking and typing creates a container that stores the note wherever you add it. You can easily group similar items by dragging one container to another; you can also move containers in the notebook by clicking the note in the Outline and dragging it to a new location. The notes you create are even more flexible than the handwritten notes you scribble on the back of an envelope as electronic information, you can move, reorganize, edit, use, copy, and flag the notes in your notebook for use in an unlimited number of projects.
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And here is the result . Only one supplier was under contract at time point 9:
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Microsoft Office Publisher 2007 gives you everything you need to create and publish highquality, cost-effective marketing communications, whether you want to produce e-mail newsletters for your user group, design postcards to announce the opening of your small business, or publish a Web catalog for your online store. Designing and producing publications, both printed and online, that look good and read well is an important part of sharing what you do with others and Office Publisher 2007 includes a collection of professionally designed, customizable templates to help you do just that. No matter what the size of your organization or what type of publication you are trying to produce, here are a few of the ways Office Publisher 2007 helps you improve the way you publish your business materials:
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Note If you have a SharePoint list that s often used for a chart, consider creating a view, Chart Data, that
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WITH Dups AS ( SELECT orderid, custid, empid, orderdate, ROW_NUMBER() OVER(PARTITION BY orderid ORDER BY (SELECT 0)) AS rn FROM dbo.OrdersDups ) SELECT orderid, custid, empid, orderdate INTO dbo.OrdersDupsTmp FROM Dups WHERE rn = 1; DROP TABLE dbo.OrdersDups; EXEC sp_rename 'dbo.OrdersDupsTmp', 'OrdersDups';
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throw new Exception();
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This application defines a type, called Program . This type has a single public, static method called Main . Inside Main is a reference to another type called System.Console. System.Console is a type implemented by Microsoft, and the Intermediate Language (IL) code that implements this type s methods is in the MSCorLib .dll file . So our application defines a type and also uses another company s type . To build this sample application, put the preceding code into a source code file, say, Program .cs, and then execute the following command line:
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We ve covered how the order pipeline works, so now we only need to explain the new code added to OrderProcessor. We changed the code in the GetCurrentPipelineSection method, which is responsible for selecting the pipeline section that needs to be executed.
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Avoid using absolute positioning and sizes for controls. Use the entire width and height of forms. Size elements relative to the overall size of the form. Use a separate table cell for each control. Avoid enabling the NoWrap property in tables. Avoid specifying the Align property in tables.
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After this lesson, you will be able to
As a rule, sp_executesql is preferable because it has an interface (input/output parameters) and EXEC doesn t . With sp_executesql, you are more likely to reuse execution plans because you can more easily generate a query string that you invoke repeatedly the same query string with different input values as arguments in each invocation . Also, with sp_executesql you can write safer code, as I will explain later in the chapter . Still, EXEC is more flexible in certain cases, which I will describe in this chapter . So remember that unless you have a compelling reason to use EXEC, stick with using sp_executesql . Before I delve into EXEC, sp_executesql, and their characteristics and applications, I d like to briefly mention some important aspects of working with dynamic SQL in general:
Standalone packages provide perhaps the most convenient way to perform web analysis especially if you have direct file access to the server logs. Most standalone packages allow the user to specify one or more log files to examine and select the statistics to be included
Before the introduction of the TRY/CATCH construct you had no choice but to use the unstructured and problematic error handling approach described in the previous section . But in SQL Server versions 2005 and 2008, you can implement much more robust error-handling solutions . The rest of the chapter focuses on implementing error handling using TRY/CATCH .
In this chapter, we ve looked at how data can flow into and out of your Ruby programs. Initially, we looked at the low-level concept of I/O streams before quickly moving on to the pragmatism of databases. Databases provide a way to work with data in a more abstracted fashion without worrying about the underlying structure of the data on the computer s filesystem. Indeed, databases can be located within memory or on totally different machines, and our code could remain the same.
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