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Among even object-oriented programming languages, Ruby is reasonably unique in that almost everything in the language is an object, even the concepts relating to the language itself. Consider the following line of code: puts 1 + 10 If you typed this into irb and pressed Enter, you d see the number 11 in response. You ve asked Ruby to print the result of 1 + 10 to the screen. It seems simple enough, but believe it or not, this simple line uses two objects. 1 is an object, as is 10. They re objects of class Fixnum, and this built-in class has methods already defined to perform operations upon numbers, such as addition and subtraction. We ve considered how concepts can be related to different classes. Our pets make a good example. However, even defining the concepts that programmers use to write computer programs as classes and objects makes sense. When you write a simple sum such as 2 + 2, you expect the computer to add two numbers together to make 4. In its object-oriented way, Ruby considers the two numbers (2 and 2) to be number objects. 2 + 2 is then merely shorthand for asking the first number object to add the second number object to itself. In fact, the + sign is actually an addition method! (It s true, 2.+(2) will work just fine!) You can prove that everything in Ruby is an object by asking the things which class they re a member of. In the pet example earlier, you could have made a_dog tell you what class it s a member of with the following code: puts a_dog.class
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body { font-family : Tahoma; font-size : 10pt; }
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11. On the Phone Book page, clear the Automatically Download Phone Book Updates check box and click Next. 12. On the Dial-up Networking Entries page, click Next. 13. On the Routing Table Update page, click Next. 14. On the Automatic Proxy Configuration page, click Next. 15. On the Custom Actions page, click New. 16. In the New Custom Action dialog box, type Quarantine policy checking in the Description text box. In Program To Run, click Browse, and browse to the quarantine.cmd file in the My Documents folder. In the Parameters text box, type %ServiceDir% %DialRasEntry% %TunnelRasEntry% %Domain% %UserName%. In the Action Type drop-down list, click Postconnect. In the Run This Custom Action For drop-down list, click All Connections. Leave both check boxes selected (as shown in Figure 7-30), and click OK.
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Note Default values are not saved to the persistence layer. Properties declared with a default value make their debut in the storage medium only when the application assigns them a value different from the default one.
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Both Java and .NET provide mechanisms to retrieve, remove, and replace the individual characters contained within a string. .NET provides a superset of the Java functionality and provides two particularly useful features:
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The trigger first evaluates the number of rows that were affected by the firing statement (INSERT, UPDATE, or MERGE) . If zero rows were modified, the trigger simply terminates . It has nothing to do in such a case . The trigger then checks whether one of the four relevant columns (arg1, arg2, arg3, computation) was modified, using the COLUMNS_UPDATED() function . I described this function in more detail in 4, Triggers . This function returns a bitmap with a representative bit for each column . For an UPDATE statement, the bit is turned on if the corresponding column was specified in the SET clause, and it s turned off if the corresponding column wasn t specified in the SET clause . For an INSERT statement, all column bits are turned on . If none of the relevant columns were modified, the trigger simply terminates . It has no reason to reevaluate the computation if neither the inputs nor the computation changed . If the statement that fired the trigger was an UPDATE statement (or a MERGE statement containing an UPDATE action), and the column result was modified, the trigger generates an error message and rolls back the update . The trigger defines local variables to host the input arguments, the computation, and the result value . Each row must be handled separately, so a cursor is needed if there is more than one row .
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Group Policy
Share permissions determine the maximum access allowed over the network. They don t affect a user who logs on locally or a terminal server user of the computer where the shared folders are stored.
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Now that we have a better idea of target batching, we will examine an example that is a little easier to relate to. The following TargetBatching02.proj le demonstrates how to build a solution le for each of the de ned con gurations.
Signing a file with a private key ensures that the holder of the corresponding public key produced the assembly. When the assembly is installed into the GAC, the system hashes the contents of the file containing the manifest and compares the hash value with the RSA digital signature value embedded within the PE file (after unsigning it with the public key). If the values are identical, the file s contents haven t been tampered with and you know that you have the public key that corresponds to the publisher s private key. In addition, the system hashes the contents of the assembly s other files and compares the hash values with the hash values stored in the manifest file s FileDef table. If any of the hash values don t match, at least one of the assembly s files has been tampered with and the assembly will fail to install into the GAC. Important This mechanism ensures only that a file s contents haven t been tampered with; the mechanism doesn t allow you to tell who the publisher is unless you re absolutely positive that the publisher produced the public key you have and you re sure that the publisher s private key was never compromised. If the publisher wants to associate its identity with the assembly, the publisher must use Microsoft s Authenticode technology in addition. When an application needs to bind to an assembly, the CLR uses the referenced assembly s properties (name, version, culture, and public key) to locate the assembly in the GAC. If the referenced assembly can be found, its containing subdirectory is returned and the file holding the manifest is loaded. Finding the assembly this way assures the caller that the assembly loaded at run time came from the same publisher that built the assembly the code was compiled against. This assurance comes because the public key token in the referencing assembly s AssemblyRef table corresponds to the public key in the referenced assembly s AssemblyDef table. If the referenced assembly isn t in the GAC, the CLR looks in the application s base directory and then in any of the private paths identified in the application s configuration file; then, if the application was installed using MSI, the CLR asks MSI to locate the assembly. If the assembly can t be found in any of these locations, the bind fails and a System.IO.FileNotFoundException exception is thrown.
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