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Converting instances of one type or value to another can be implicit or explicit. The compiler handles implicit conversions automatically; the programmer need take no action. Implicit conversions can occur when conversion of one type to another will not cause loss of information. When no implicit conversion exists between two types, explicit conversion is used. The programmer forces explicit conversion using casts. If a cast is not specified when an explicit cast is required, a compiler error will occur. The .NET class library includes the System.Convert utility class to convert between different types. This includes the conversion between string, Boolean, date, and value types.
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And, as always, value types will be boxed .
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FIGURE 14-19 Custom workflow assembly actions
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Link in the shutdown process by typing this:
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15, @on; 8, @on; 16, @on; 48, @on; 1, @on; 17, @on; 6, @on; 10, @on; 14, @on; 18, @on; 11, @on; 12, @on; 13, @on;
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SELECT @FirstName, @LastName;
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Load Modules
The difference is that flushing might remove valid cache items to make space for more frequently used items, whereas expiration removes invalid and expired items. Remember that items may have been removed from the cache by the scavenging mechanism even if they haven t expired, and you should always check that the cached item exists when you try to retrieve and use it. You may choose to recreate the item and re-cache it at this point. If you have data that is relatively volatile, is updated regularly, or is valid for only a specific time or interval, you can use a time-based expiration policy to ensure that items do not remain in the cache beyond their useful valid lifetime. You can specify how long an item should remain in the cache if not accessed (effectively the timer starts at zero again each time it is accessed), or specify the absolute time that it should be removed irrespective of whether it has been accessed in the meantime. If the data you cache depends on changes to another resource, such as a disk file, you can improve caching efficiency by using a notification-based expiration policy. The Caching block contains an expiration provider that detects changes to disk files. You can create your own custom expiration policy providers that detect, for example, WMI events, database events, or business logic operations and invalidate the cached item when they occur.
} catch (Exception ex) { System.Diagnostics.Debug.WriteLine(ex.Message); return View(); }
PUSH EAX use it
FIguRE 17-3 Initial state of the delegate objects referred to by the fb1, fb2, and fb3 variables
Figure 8-30. Create a secure administrator account for the forums. That s it! Installation is complete.
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