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Programmer-defined variable types are one of the most powerful capabilities a language can give you to clarify your understanding of a program. They protect your program against unforeseen changes and make it easier to read all without requiring you to design, construct, and test new classes. If you re using C, C++ or another language that allows user-defined types, take advantage of them! To appreciate the power of type creation, suppose you re writing a program to convert coordinates in an x, y, z system to latitude, longitude, and elevation. You think that double-precision floating-point numbers might be needed but would prefer to write a program with single-precision floating-point numbers until you re absolutely sure. You can create a new type specifically for coordinates by using a typedef statement in C or C++ or the equivalent in another language. Here s how you d set up the type definition in C++:
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Normally, a process is assigned a priority class based on the process that starts it running . And most processes are started by Windows Explorer, which spawns all its child processes in the Normal priority class . Managed applications are not supposed to act as though they own their own processes; they are supposed to act as though they run in an AppDomain, so managed applications are not supposed to change their process s priority class because this would affect all code running in the process . For example, many ASP .NET applications run in a single process, with each application in its own AppDomain . The same is true for Silverlight applications, which run in an Internet browser process, and managed stored procedures, which run inside the Microsoft SQL Server process . On the other hand, your application can change the relative thread priority of its threads by setting Thread s Priority property, passing it one of the five values (Lowest, BelowNormal, Normal, AboveNormal, or Highest) defined in the ThreadPriority enumerated type . However, just as Windows has reserved the priority level 0 and the real-time range for itself, the CLR reserves the Idle and Time-Critical priority levels for itself . Today, the CLR has no threads that run at Idle priority level, but this could change in the future . However, the
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The scope has not been activated.
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Note: For guidance on how to implement this scenario, take a look at the project named protocol-bridge-claims-provider at http:// github.com/southworks/protocol-bridge-claims-provider.
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Stop Testing When You Know the Answer
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In our example, we used the web part on a completely different web site a relatively easy way to let a group of users view new additions to a document library on another team s SharePoint site.
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As you can see, you have as much flexibility to customize the navigation controls as you do the other areas of the application. Further, Microsoft Dynamics CRM also provides a Personalize Workplace feature that allows users to customize the groups that appear in their Workplace areas. Before we discuss each navigation control, let s review the terminology for the screen region names in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Figure 12-1 shows the primary application screen regions, Figure 12-2 shows the entity record screen regions, and Figure 12-3 shows the entity record screen with a sub-grid selected.
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Figure 7-9. Add three Tasks web parts to the home page.
still prevent your users from gaining access to it. Reasonable investments in physical security also increase the availability of services. I continue to hear stories of cleaning staff unplugging servers, unnecessary water damage, and accidental shutdowns. Use locked closets or cabinets. Plan for UPS protection. Ensure proper ventilation. For large enterprises, this may be obvious but then again, in a big firm, do you know the condition of every server in the truck shop or out on the plant floor Also invest in user education. Explain the importance of security and how to treat both the physical and data assets in their care. This may be more important than ever in small branch offices with no dedicated IT staff, let alone compliance and security officers.
Deleting Data
CLR version: this changes with patches or service packs CPU type: this changes if you upgrade your processor hardware Windows OS version: this changes with a new service pack update Assembly s identity module version ID (MVID): this changes when recompiling Referenced assembly s version IDs: this changes when you recompile a referenced assembly Security: this changes when you revoke permissions (such as declarative inheritance, declarative link-time, SkipVerification, or UnmanagedCode permissions), that were once granted
Puzzle 6: Crossing the Tunnel
Flags Summary = 0 (0x0)
<script type="text/javascript"> function GetAuthor() { var val = document.getElementById("MainContent_TextBoxAuthId"); Authors.GetAuthor(val.value, FinishCallback); }
Right-click the link to the authentication file and save it to your local drive. On a staging server, you can save it directly into your \gallery2 directory. If you re using a remote web host, save it on your local drive and then use your FTP software to upload the file to the proper directory. Once the file is in place, click the Authenticate Me button to check the file. If there are problems with authentication, go to the Gallery2 home page, which is often updated to detail resolutions to problems users have with authentication on various web providers. If the authentication is successful, the installer will proceed to the system check execution, as shown in Figure 10-14. You can see from the figure that my web host has
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