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Listing 6-2. With Only a Few Styles, the rhuk_milkyway Template Defines the Primary Pieces of a Page
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The Naming Container Class Sample of Visual Basic Code Public Class AddressUcContainer Inherits Control Implements INamingContainer Public Sub New(ByVal address As Address) Me.Address = address End Sub Private _address As Address Public Property Address() As Address Get Return _address End Get Set(ByVal value As Address) _address = value End Set End Property End Class Sample of C# Code public class AddressUcContainer : Control, INamingContainer { public AddressUcContainer(Address address) { this.Address = address; } public Address Address { get; set; } }
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You can change the default view of Device Manager to organize entries in the list by resource or by connection. Use Device Manager s View menu to switch between any of the four built-in views. Resource views are especially useful when you re trying to track down problems caused by IRQ conflicts. Choosing either the Resources By Type view or the Resources By Connection view shows a list of all devices in which you can see how DMA, IO addresses, and IRQs are assigned. Another option on the View menu lets you show hidden devices.
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ASP.NET creates an object that allows you to access global resource values programmatically by using the Resources.ResourceFilename.Resource syntax . This is a strongly typed class of the Resources.Resource object for each global resource file. The class is created based on the file name (minus the language and culture extensions). Each resource in the file is a member of the class. For example, if you add a value named WelcomeString to the resource file, SharedLocalizedText, you can assign the value to a Label control s Text property inside your page s code-behind by using the following syntax.
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5 XAML Transformation and Animation
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Routing Table for Router B
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Rename the new launch condition (currently named Condition1) to browscap Condition. Select the new launch condition and view the Properties window.
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Sketching Your Storyboard
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15. In the Pre-Shared Key text box, type test.
Figure 3-16. Change the summarization method and other field settings in the PivotTable Field dialog box.
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Controlling parsing behavior
LISTING 12-1 Data de nition language and sample data for the Employees table
constructor and all of its base type s type constructors to be called . In addition, interfaces implemented by the types must also have their type constructors called . The CLR doesn t offer this behavior . However, the CLR does offer compilers and developers the ability to provide this behavior via the RunClassConstructor method offered by the System.Runtime.CompilerServices.RuntimeHelpers type . Any language that requires this behavior would have its compiler emit code into a type s type constructor that calls this method for all base types . When using the RunClassConstructor method to call a type constructor, the CLR knows if the type constructor has executed previously and, if it has, the CLR won t call it again .
Combine similar routines by parameterizing them. Separate routines whose behavior depends on parameters passed in. Pass a whole object rather than specific fields. Pass specific fields rather than a whole object. Encapsulate downcasting.
Different Types of Visual C++ Assertions Even though I define all my C++ assertion macros and functions to just plain ASSERT, which I'll talk about in a moment, I want to quickly go over the different types of assertions available in Visual C++ and provide a little information about their implementation. That way, if you see one of them in someone else's code, you can recognize it. I also want to alert you to the problems with some of the implementations. assert, _ASSERT, and _ASSERTE The first type of assertion is from the C run-time library, the ANSI C standard assert macro. This version is portable across all C compilers and platforms and is defined by including ASSERT.H. In the Windows world, if you're working with a console application and it fails an assertion, assert will send the output to stderr. If your application is a Windows graphical user interface (GUI) application, assert will show the assertion failure as a message box. The second type of assertion in the C run-time library is specific to Windows. These assertions are _ASSERT and _ASSERTE, which are defined in CRTDBG.H. The only difference between the two is that the _ASSERTE version also prints the expression passed as its parameter. Because the expression is so important to have, especially when your test 98
Table F-1. Computer CLIENT1 running Windows XP Professional ROUTER1 running Windows Server 2003 INTERNET running Windows Server 2003 ROUTER2 running Windows Server 2003 CLIENT2 running Windows XP Professional Test Lab Computer Setup Roles Client computer Answering router Internet router Calling router Client computer
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