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Only the ability to execute SQL or PL/SQL statements is required all of the other tasks are just optional, but let s look at them one by one, so you ll know how to use them when you want them.
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User Accounts Located in Control Panel, User Accounts provides the simplest method to perform common tasks. For more information, see Working with User Accounts in this chapter. Advanced User Accounts If your computer is joined to a domain, clicking Manage User Accounts opens Advanced User Accounts. (The title bar of the dialog box doesn t include the word Advanced, however.) If your computer is not joined to a domain, you can open this version by typing control userpasswords2 at a command prompt. The capabilities of Advanced User Accounts are few (you can remove local user accounts, set passwords, and place a user account in a single security group), but it has a handful of unique features that you might find compelling. With Advanced User Accounts, you can:
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Figure 3-21. Enter the administrator s username and password, and click the OK button.
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class Person def initialize(name) raise BadDataException, "No name present" if name.empty end end This time you ve created a BadDataException class inheriting from Ruby s standard RuntimeError exception class. At this point, it might seem meaningless as to why raising different types of exceptions is useful. The reason is so that you can handle different exceptions in different ways with your error-handling code, as you ll do next.
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Scoped regions are available only with view injection. You should use them if you need a view to have its own instance of a region. Views that define regions with attached properties automatically inherit their parent s RegionManager. Usually, this is the global RegionManager that is registered in the shell window. If the application creates more than one instance of that view, each instance would attempt to register its region with the parent RegionManager. RegionManager allows only uniquely named regions; therefore, the second registration would produce an error. Instead, use scoped regions so that each view will have its own RegionManager and its regions will be registered with that RegionManager rather than the parent Region Manager, as shown in the following illustration.
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If you are deploying L2TP/IPSec as the tunneling protocol, by default only 128 L2TP ports are configured on the WAN Miniport (L2TP) device. If you need more L2TP ports, configure the WAN Miniport (L2TP) device from the properties of the Ports object in the Routing And Remote Access snap-in. By default, 128 PPTP ports are also configured. By default, the MS-CHAP, MS-CHAP v2, and EAP authentication methods are enabled.
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The Internet and its supported standards for HTTP and XML make web services possible. However, having to program directly against HTTP, XML, and SOAP is a challenging (and time-consuming) proposition. Luckily, ASP.NET provides a model for building and consuming XML web services. With it, you can define a web service as an ASMX file and related codebehind class. ASP.NET will then wrap this code as a web service object and expose your service endpoint as the URL to your ASMX file. ASP.NET will take care of deserializing SOAP requests, executing your .NET Framework code, and serializing your response to be sent back to the requesting client as a SOAP message.
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Another important form is the change password form, which allows a user to enter his or her current password and create a new one. If you create a site by using the ASP.NET Web Site template, Visual Studio generates pages named ChangePassword.aspx and ChangePasswordSuccess.aspx in the Account folder specifically for this purpose.
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string [mscorlib]System.String::Concat(object, object, object)
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call to mcrypt_encrypt(). If that happens, check the installation instructions in Appendix A.
Step 3 shows the continuation of the scan, reading the second page in the leaf of the index, returning the rows for employees B and D. Note that employee D was returned a second time.
External Connector License
FIGURE 4-8 Write your third headline of Act I to describe Point A a specific challenge that your audience faces in this setting.
The Internet is host to a significant number of tutorials and guides on how to use various features of Ruby and its libraries. Often there are multiple tutorials on how to do the same thing in different ways, and tutorials can appear quickly after libraries are released. This is why it s worth subscribing to a few Ruby blogs so that you can learn about the latest action as it happens. However, in this section are links to a number of useful tutorials and guides that have already proven useful, including installing and setting up Ruby, Ruby on Rails, and testing, as well as tutorials on a few other miscellaneous techniques and on Ruby in general.
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