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In Windows Server 2003, the root hints file already contains addresses of root servers in the Internet DNS namespace. Therefore, if you are using the DNS Server service in Windows Server 2003 to resolve Internet-based DNS names, the root hints file needs no manual configuration. If, however, you are using the DNS service on a private network, you can edit or replace this file with similar records that point to your own internal root DNS servers. Furthermore, for a computer that is hosting a root DNS server, you should not use root hints at all. In this scenario, Windows Server 2003 automatically deletes the Cache.dns file used for root hints.
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27. How Program Size Affects Construction
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detail in the following chapters.
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Stabilize the Error
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Windows Vista has built-in network diagnostic capabilities unlike those in previous versions of Windows. In many cases, if there is a problem with your network connection, Windows Vista knows it before you do and displays a message, perhaps like the one shown in Figure 14-1 on the next page. Most such message boxes include a Diagnose button or a similar path to resolving the problem. Sometimes, however, that path leads to a dead end, often to a message asking you to check with your system administrator. That s of little help when you are the system administrator.
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Patch Management
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considered a separate file of the assembly . The resulting assembly consists of two files, both of which must be packaged and deployed to the users along with the new version of the JeffTypes assembly . By the way, you can t use AL .exe s /embedresource switch to embed the XML configuration file into the assembly file, making a single file assembly, because the CLR requires the XML file to be contained in its own separate file . Once this publisher policy assembly is built, it can be packaged together with the new JeffTypes .dll assembly file and deployed to users . The publisher policy assembly must be installed into the GAC . Although the JeffTypes assembly can also be installed into the GAC, it
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Inserting Templates into E-Mail Messages
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Objective 2.2: Manage DNS 14-27
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Do you notice anything similar about the few delegate definitions that I selected They are really all the same: a variable of any of these delegate types must refer to a method that takes an Object and returns void . There is really no reason to have all of these delegate types defined; there really just needs to be one . In fact, now that the .NET Framework supports generics, we really just need a few generic delegates (defined in the System namespace) that represent methods that take up to 16 arguments:
RegisterWaitFor SingleObject
3. Optionally, precompile the XPath expression. 4. Call the Select method on the navigator object to act on the specified XPath expression. The XPathNavigator Class The programming interface of the navigator object is defined in the XPathNavigator abstract class. The XPathNavigator class represents a generic interface designed to act as a reader for any data that exposes its contents as XML. Functionally speaking, the XPathNavigator class is not much different from a pseudoclass that simply groups together all the XML DOM methods (ChildNodes, SelectNodes, and SelectSingleNode) to navigate the document contents. The big difference lies in the fact that XPathNavigator is a distinct component completely decoupled from the document class. As mentioned, XPathNavigator represents a generic interface to navigate and read data from any XML-based, or XML-looking, contents. The XPathNavigator class enables you to move from one node to the next and perform XPath queries. In the .NET Framework, only three classes support XPath navigators: XmlDocument, XPathDocument, and XmlDataDocument. An XPath navigator works on top of a special breed of XML document class that is generically referred to as an XPath data store. An XPath data store is simply any .NET Framework class that exposes its contents as XML and that can be queried using XPath expressions. An XPath data store can be based on a native XML stream or other data sources exposed as XML. For example, both the XmlDocument and XPathDocument classes are built from well-formed XML data. In contrast, the XmlDataDocument class exposes as XML the contents of an ADO.NET DataSet object. In all cases, however, the XPath query and navigation API works just fine. As a stand-alone class providing a programming interface, the navigator is much more than a simple collection of XPath-related methods. The XPath navigator is not bound to a particular class document and can be associated with a number of data container classes. A .NET Framework class becomes XPath-enabled simply by implementing the IXPathNavigable interface. This interface consists of a single method, CreateNavigator, that creates and returns an instance of a document-specific navigator object, as shown here: public interface IXPathNavigable { XPathNavigator CreateNavigator(); } All document-specific navigators derive from the XPathNavigator abstract class. XPath Navigators and XML Readers The MSDN documentation defines an XPath navigator as a class that reads data from an XML-based data store using a cursor model. XPathNavigator, therefore, provides read-only, random access to the underlying XML-based data. The navigator has a notion of the current node and advances the internal pointer using a series of move methods. When the navigator is positioned on a given node, all of its properties reflect the value of that node. How is this different from the XML readers that we encountered in 2 XPath navigators and XML readers are radically different objects, although both look like client-side cursors for reading XML data. Let's review the key differences: 218
In the next example, shown in Listing 4-6, we concatenate the employee names with their initials into a single column, and also calculate the yearly salary by multiplying the monthly salary with 12. Listing 4-6. Another Example of Using Expressions in a SELECT Clause select , from where init||' '||ename name 12 * msal yearsal employees deptno = 10;
RDoc understands a lot of Ruby syntax and can create documentation for classes, methods, modules, and numerous other Ruby constructs without much prompting. The way you document your code in a way that RDoc can use is to leave comments prior to the definition of the class, method, or module you want to document. For example: # This class stores information about people. class Person attr_accessor :name, :age, :gender # Create the person object and store their name def initialize(name) @name = name end # Print this person's name to the screen def print_name puts "Person called #{@name}" end end This is a simple class that s been documented using comments. It s quite readable already, but RDoc can turn it into a pretty set of HTML documentation in seconds. To use RDoc, simply run it from the command line using rdoc <name of source file>.rb, like so: rdoc person.rb
The templated property is defined but not assigned any value in the master page class. The template is populated while the content page is processed.
Now you re ready to create the control. Let s begin by coding the properties and states. 1. Set the control class to inherit from Control, in order to gain the base Silverlight control functionality, as follows:
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