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By default, site-to-site L2TP/IPSec connections require that the calling and answering router exchange computer certificates for IPSec peer authentica tion. Check the Local Computer certificate stores of both the calling and answering router using the Certificates snap-in to ensure that a suitable cer tificate exists.
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C# [Export(typeof(IModuleTracker))] public class ModuleTracker : IModuleTracker { // Due to Silverlight/MEF restrictions, this must be public. [Import] public ILoggerFacade Logger; }
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Now is a good time to walk through some code that illustrates testing the store classes in more detail. As you go through this section, you may want to download the Microsoft Visual Studio development system solution for the Tailspin Surveys application from http://wag. codeplex.com/. This section describes how the design of the Surveys application supports unit testing of the SurveyStore class that provides access to the table storage. This description focuses on one specific set of tests, but the application uses the same approach with other store classes. The following code example shows the IAzureTable interface and the AzureTable class that are at the heart of the implementation.
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Compilers convert source code to executable code. Most programs are written to be compiled, although some are still interpreted. A standard linker links one or more object files, which the compiler has generated from your source files, with the standard code needed to make an executable program. Linkers typically can link files from multiple languages, allowing you to choose the language that s most appropriate for each part of your program without your having to handle the integration details yourself. An overlay linker helps you put 10 pounds in a 5-pound sack by developing programs that execute in less memory than the total amount of space they consume. An overlay linker creates an executable file that loads only part of itself into memory at any one time, leaving the rest on a disk until it s needed.
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csc /t:module RUT.cs csc /t:module FUT.cs al /out:JeffTypes.dll /t:library FUT.netmodule RUT.netmodule
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Your single storyboard helps you manage your spoken words, projected visuals, and printed handouts. Follow these three ground rules to ensure that the rest of the live presentation experience is engaging: Rule 1: Step into the screen. Rule 2: Remove the distractions. Rule 3: Manage the ow.
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Multi-instance, single-tenant Tailspin
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a debugging console (as the Apple Safari and Opera browsers do), that console can also be used to view the trace messages. Figure 8-11 shows the result of the preceding markup as displayed to the Visual Studio Output window (at the bottom of the screen).
To record system con guration data, type in the Registry keys you want to track. You must know the exact key. When you ve nished adding Registry keys, click Next to continue con guration or click Finish to exit and save the current con guration.
@ NS dns1.lucernepublishing.com.
The following questions are intended to reinforce key information presented in this lesson. If you are unable to answer a question, review the lesson materials and try the question again. You can find answers to the questions in the Questions and Answers section at the end of this chapter.
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Before you start slinging any property or method calls in your location breakpoint conditional expression modifiers, you should probably take a good look at what the property or method does. If it happens to copy a 3-GB database or otherwise changes state, you probably don't want to call it. What's also interesting about how the debugger evaluates the methods and properties you call is that the 20-second timeout that applies to the Watch window doesn't apply to calling methods from a conditional expression. If you have a method that happens to take days to evaluate, the debugger will merrily wait on the expression to finish. Fortunately, the Visual Studio .NET user interface (UI) isn't frozen, so pressing Ctrl+Alt+Break or selecting Break All from the Debug menu will immediately stop the debuggee. This wonderful ability to call methods and properties from conditional breakpoints has one flaw in the Visual Studio .NET environment that I need to discuss. If you set a condition before you start debugging, the debugger will report that it can't evaluate the expression and will stop. However, if you set the condition incorrectly after you start debugging and the condition you set can't be evaluated or causes an exception to be thrown, the debugger won't stop. Once you've started debugging, if you set the condition incorrectly, you're completely out of luck. With an invalid condition, the debugger will report that it couldn't set the breakpoint, as shown in Figure 6-1, but will continue to let the debuggee execute instead of stopping like you would expect. Nothing could be more frustrating than finally reproducing that one almost-impossible bug, only to have the debugger skip right over it. This was a bug in Visual Studio .NET 2002 and unfortunately is still a bug in Visual Studio .NET 2003. I certainly hope Microsoft fixes this problem in future versions of Visual Studio .NET so that when encountering the invalid condition, the debugger stops and lets you fix the problem condition.
After you assign labels to all the computers, you should have a good idea of the patterns of operation in the network. This will drive your isolation strategy later. For now, we need to proceed to analyzing the communication patterns in the environment. To do that, we construct a picture similar to Figure 13-8. Figure 13-8 is a basic Data Flow Diagram (DFD) of the network. The graph shown in Figure 13-7 does not easily lend itself to documenting communication patterns. However, a DFD is tailor-made for that purpose.
By the way, if you want to obtain a string for an object that isn t formatted for any particular culture, you should call System.Globalization.CultureInfo s static InvariantCulture property and pass the object returned as ToString s formatProvider parameter:
Here s what the new operator does: 1. It allocates memory for the object by allocating the number of bytes required for the specified type from the managed heap. 2. It initializes the object s overhead members. Every object instance has two additional members associated with the instance that the CLR uses to manage the object. The first member is the object s pointer to the type s method table, and the second member is a SyncBlockIndex. 3. The type s instance constructor is called, passing it any parameters (the string ConstructorParam1", in the preceding example) specified in the call to new. Although most languages compile constructors so that they call the base type s constructor, the CLR doesn t require this call. After new has performed all these operations, it returns a reference to the newly created object. In the preceding code example, this reference is saved in the variable e, which is of type Employee. By the way, the new operator has no complementary delete operator; that is, there is no way to explicitly free the memory allocated for an object. The CLR imposes a garbage collected environment (described in 19) that automatically detects when objects are no longer being used or accessed and frees the object s memory automatically.
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