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The parts of this class that relate to remoting are marked in boldface. We indicate that the class can be made available remotely by deriving the class from System.MarshalByRefObject. MarshalByRefObject is discussed in the "Copies and References" section later in this chapter. We keep track of the running total with the CountState class. CountState provides methods to add new values to the total, clear the total, and return the current total. We have annotated CountState with the Serializable attribute, meaning that it will be passed by value across the network. For general information about this attribute, consult 10, "Streams, Files, and I/O"; see the "Copies and References" section in this chapter for details of the impact on remoting. The CountState class should be saved to a file named CountState.cs in the same directory as the CountServer.cs file.
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for (Int32 index = 0; index < width; index++) { pc[width - index - 1] = (index < s.Length) s[index] : '.'; } // The line below displays ".....rethciR yerffeJ" Console.WriteLine(new String(pc, 0, width)); } } private static void InlineArrayDemo() { unsafe { CharArray ca; // Allocates array on stack Int32 widthInBytes = sizeof(CharArray); Int32 width = widthInBytes / 2; String s = "Jeffrey Richter"; // 15 characters for (Int32 index = 0; index < width; index++) { ca.Characters[width - index - 1] = (index < s.Length) s[index] : '.'; } // The line below displays ".....rethciR yerffeJ" Console.WriteLine(new String(ca.Characters, 0, width)); } } } internal unsafe struct CharArray { // This array is embedded inline inside the structure public fixed Char Characters[20]; }
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These two programs, of course, are intended to serve very different needs . But their similarities sometimes make it possible to use one in place of the other .
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It is quite easy to set up such a model:
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[1,2,3,4].select { |i| i.between (2,3) }
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1024 Appendix A Windows Vista Editions at a Glance
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Open the Default.aspx page in the PubsClient website. Delete the content from the MainContent area. From the Toolbox under the Data tab, add an ObjectDataSource control to the page. Configure it to use the web service proxy class. Set the authorId parameter to contained in the auId query string value. Add a GridView control to the page and set its DataSourceId property to the object data source. Your markup inside the MainContent area should look as follows.
protected string LogFile { get; set; } protected bool Append { get; set; } protected StreamWriter FileWriter {get;set;}
Open and Update bugs Data Tier
Lesson Review
Figure 6-12. The CSS files of the web page can be found in the support files folder.
The third benefit of generic interfaces is that a class can implement the same interface multiple times as long as different type parameters are used . The following code shows an example of how useful this could be:
Method Description Returns a stream that can be used to write data to the server OpenWrite() UploadData() Writes a byte array to the server and returns a byte array representing the response UploadFile() Uploads the contents of a specified file and returns a byte array representing the server response UploadValues() Uploads a series of name/value pairs Each of these four methods is overloaded to accept an HTTP method argument. The default method is POST, but any method can be used. Note that the value of the HTTP method isn't validated against values allowed by the HTTP specification.
There are two kinds of run-time information in the XML showplan: per SQL statement and per thread. If a statement has a parameter, the plan contains the ParameterRuntimeValue attribute, which shows the value for each parameter when the statement is executed. This might differ from the value used to compile the statement under the ParameterCompiledValue attribute, but this attribute is in the plan only if the optimizer knows the value of the parameter at the optimization time and is true only for parameters passed to stored procedures. Next, we have the DegreeOfParallelism attribute, which shows the actual degree of parallelism (or DOP, which is the number of concurrent threads working on the single query) of the execution. This, again, might be different from the compile-time value. The compile-time value is not captured in the query plan, but it is always equal to half the number of processors available to SQL Server unless the number of processors is 2in which case, the compile-time DOP value will be 2 as well. The optimizer is considering half of the CPUs because the DOP at the execution time will be adjusted based on the workload at the time the execution starts; it might end up being any number between 1 and the number of processors. Regardless of the final choice for DOP, the same parallel plan is used. If a parallel plan ends up being executed with DOP = 1, SQL Server will remove the Exchange operators from the query plan when creating the execution context. The MemoryGrant attribute shows actual memory given to the query for execution in kilobytes. SQL Server uses this memory to build the hash tables for hash joins or to perform a sort in the memory. The element RunTimeCountersPerThread contains five attributes, each with one value per thread: ActualRebinds , ActualRewinds , ActualRows , ActualEndofScans , and ActualExecutions . 3 describes how SSMS shows Actual Number Of Rows and Actual Rebinds And Actual Rewinds in the Operator information ToolTip box of a graphical showplan. The ToolTip box shows cumulative (added across all executions of all threads) values for each of the ActualRows , ActualRebinds , and ActualRewinds values from the XML showplan. The ActualExecutions value tells us how many times the operator has been initialized on each of the threads. If the operator is a scan operator, the ActualEndofScans count shows how many times the scan reached the end of the set. Consequently, subtracting ActualEndofScans from ActualExecutions tells us how many times the operator didn't scan the whole setthis might happen, for example, if TOP in the SELECT restricts the number of returned rows and the output set is collected before the scan reaches the end of the table. Similarly, in the case of a Merge Join, if one of the sets is exhausted we don't need to continue scanning the other set because there cannot be any more matches. The XML showplan might also contain warnings. These are events generated either during compilation or during execution. Examples of compiler-generated warnings are missing statistics and a missing join predicate. Examples of run-time warnings are a hash bailout and an exchange spill. If you encounter a warning in your query plan, you should consult the "Errors and Warnings Event Category" in Books Online to find more information.
attached to the Invoice class.
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