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// The following function checks for dates between 10/5/1582 and 10/15/1582 // which are dates excluded on the original Gregorian Calendar private static bool IsInvalidGregorianCalendarDate (int year, int month, int day) { if (year == 1582 && month == 10 && !(day < 5) && !(day > 14) { return true; } return false; }
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prompt or shell, or if your IDE supports passing in command-line arguments.
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case TriggerAction.Insert: // Retrieve the connection that the trigger is using using (SqlConnection connection = new SqlConnection(@"context connection=true")) { connection.Open(); // Collect all columns into an XML type, cast it // to nvarchar and select only a substring from it // Info from Inserted command = new SqlCommand( @"SELECT 'New data: ' + REPLACE( SUBSTRING(CAST(a.InsertedContents AS NVARCHAR(MAX)) ,1,200), CHAR(39), CHAR(39)+CHAR(39)) AS InsertedContents200 FROM (SELECT * FROM Inserted FOR XML AUTO, TYPE) AS a(InsertedContents);", connection); // Store info collected to a string variable string msg; msg = (string)command.ExecuteScalar(); // Write the audit info to the event log EventLogEntryType entry = new EventLogEntryType(); entry = EventLogEntryType.SuccessAudit; // Note: if the following line would use // Environment.MachineName instead of "." to refer to // the local machine event log, the assembly would need // the UNSAFE permission set EventLog ev = new EventLog(@"Application", ".", @"GenericDMLAudit Trigger"); ev.WriteEntry(msg, entry); // send the audit info to the user pipe.Send(msg); } break; case TriggerAction.Update: // Retrieve the connection that the trigger is using using (SqlConnection connection = new SqlConnection(@"context connection=true")) { connection.Open(); // Collect all columns into an XML type, // cast it to nvarchar and select only a substring from it // Info from Deleted command = new SqlCommand( @"SELECT 'Old data: ' + REPLACE( SUBSTRING(CAST(a.DeletedContents AS NVARCHAR(MAX)) ,1,200), CHAR(39), CHAR(39)+CHAR(39)) AS DeletedContents200 FROM (SELECT * FROM Deleted FOR XML AUTO, TYPE) AS a(DeletedContents);", connection); // Store info collected to a string variable string msg; msg = (string)command.ExecuteScalar();
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ServerSocket .NET TcpListener Comments Class AcceptTcpClient() TcpListener won't begin to listen for client connections until the Start method is called. AcceptSocket() N/A bind() N/A Starts listening for client connections. Start() close() Stop() N/A isClosed() N/A getChannel() Returns the EndPoint instance for the LocalEndpoint getInetAddress() TcpListener that contains the address and port details. getPort() getLocalSocketAddress() N/A getReceiveBufferSize() N/A getReuseAddress() getSoTimeout() N/A Pending() Returns true if there are pending client connection requests.
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Bill Cheswick and Hal Burch (http://www.cheswick.com/ches/papers/index.html) in their seminal work on perimeter firewalls had finally come to light. Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2) and later Windows client computers enable the host-based Windows Firewall by default. This single measure is responsible for preventing millions of computers from becoming compromised by various remote malicious attacks. Microsoft also began implementing other strong service hardening (as discussed in Service Hardening later in the chapter).
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try { Customer cust = new Customer(); cust.CompanyName = collection["CompanyName"].ToString(); // ... map remaining customer properties northwndEntities nw = new northwndEntities(); nw.AddToCustomers(cust); nw.SaveChanges(); return RedirectToAction("Index"); } catch { return View(); } }
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Minimizing the Work Inside Loops
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Conceptually, every pointer consists of two parts: a location in memory and a knowledge of how to interpret the contents of that location.
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Character Font
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Redesign deeply nested code Some experts argue that case statements virtually always indicate poorly factored code in object-oriented programming, and that case statements are rarely if ever needed (Meyer 1997). This is one such example.
Once the IDbConnection has been created, it's prepared for use by calling the Open method. This method should be called only once for each connection; repeated calls to the Open method cause a System.InvalidOperationException to be thrown. The state of a Connection can be determined using the IDbConnection.State property. State returns one of the following values from the System.Data.ConnectionState enumeration: Broken, Open, or Closed. The DBDemo.Connect method creates and opens an IDbConnection to a Microsoft SQL Server with the name contained in the sqlServerName field.
It s up to you to analyze the network and decide which method to use at which time and on which portion of the network. Many would say that for the sake of administrative ease you should settle on one method, but a savvy network designer will identify how to use the methods to their best advantage and make them work together to provide the best network communications. We ll show you where and when to use each method, but first we ll show you the different uses of routing protocols in a Routing And Remote Access environment and explain why you should deploy different solutions for different scenarios.
Privileges and Roles
s we ve seen for installing the main SBS server, signed 64-bit drivers are required for 64-bit versions of Windows Server 2008. This requirement means
<asp:TextBox runat="server BackColor="#FFFFFF BorderStyle="Solid Font-Size="0.9em Font-Names="Verdana ForeColor="#585880 BorderColor="#585880 BorderWidth="1pt CssClass="theme_textbox /> <asp:Button runat="server BorderColor="#585880 Font-Bold="true BorderWidth="1pt ForeColor="#585880 BackColor="#F8F7F4 />
Note In a similar fashion, you can also use a normal web server or web hosting package to host your
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This generates the following output:
is to convert the XML to CLR objects, and then bind to the CLR object.
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