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Choose Building Blocks Organizer from the Building Blocks Gallery to view the whole collection. You can click Edit Properties to change the settings associated with that item, click Delete to remove it from the list, or click Insert to add it to your document at the cursor position.
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C# public interface IServiceLocator : IServiceProvider { object GetInstance(Type serviceType); object GetInstance(Type serviceType, string key); IEnumerable<object> GetAllInstances(Type serviceType); TService GetInstance<TService>(); TService GetInstance<TService>(string key); IEnumerable<TService> GetAllInstances<TService>(); }
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Core Facilities
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16. Database Connectivity
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To view a file, you simply double-click it. The file opens in the application in which it was created. You can modify the file as needed. When finished, click Save and close the application. The next step is most important. Office Groove 2007 will prompt you to either save your changes over the existing file or to create a new version of the file. When doing a structured document review, it s best to save it as a new version and give it a descriptive title. After you save your changes, the file will be marked as Unread on your team members copies of the workspace.
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Part III: Designing Types
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Table A-3. Process Class Static Methods for Obtaining References to Existing Processes
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The Quick Access Toolbar is a custom combination of frequently required command buttons that are not to be accessed via the Ribbon, but rather directly by the user . In terms of the purpose and type of design, this corresponds to a custom toolbar from early versions of Microsoft Excel . However, you can no longer move and place the modern type where you wish on the application window, as you used to do . Instead, it s linked to two positions: you ll either find this toolbar above or below the Ribbon . More information is provided later in this chapter . It s relatively easy to create and change the toolbar in the Customize dialog box of the Excel options . Above all, it s foolproof, which means that you now no longer need to fear the earlier errors that could easily occur, such as accidentally destroying the default toolbar . I recommend that you perform the following steps shown in Figure 1-13 when creating the toolbar for the first time:
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To complete this chapter, you must have
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Estimated lesson time: 60 minutes
Grouping on Additional Columns
You can add breaks to the result of your reports with the SQL*Plus BREAK command. Breaks are locations in your report: between certain rows, between all rows, or at the end of the report. You can highlight breaks in your reports by suppressing repeating column values, by inserting additional lines, or by forcing a new page. Breaks are also the positions within your reports where you can add subtotals or other data aggregations. You can use the SQL*Plus COMPUTE command for that purpose. Let s investigate the possibilities of the BREAK command first. The syntax of the SQL*Plus BREAK command is shown in Figure 11-1.
MvcHandler figures out which controller to create using information from the RequestContext.
Similarly to Rails, Sinatra supports layouts for generic templating. For example, complete HTML files tend to have full <html> and <head> definitions, titles, references to style sheets, JavaScript, and so forth. You don t want to code this into every individual template, so instead you can concoct a layout that wraps around your views. In Sinatra, a layout is defined in the same way as any other template. If you define a template with the name of layout, then it will be used by the template rendering methods (such as erb) by default. For example: before do @people = [ { :name => "Beatrice", :age => 20 }, { :name => "Eugenie", :age => 18 }, { :name => "Louise", :age => 6 } ] end get '/' do erb :index end __END__ @@ layout <html> <head><title>My App</title></head> <body> <h1>My App</h1> <%= yield %> </body> </html> @@ index <% @people.each do |person| %> <p><%= person[:name] %> is <%= person[:age] %> years old</p> <% end %> This application has two templates: layout and index. When the index template is rendered, erb will notice that there s a template called layout and render that first, only yielding
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