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FIGURE 6-7 Saving for offline use.
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<ItemGroup> <Server Include="$(ConfigFileRoot)server1.app.config"> <Name>server1</Name> <DropLocation>D:\Drops\</DropLocation> </Server> <Server Include="$(ConfigFileRoot)server2.app.config"> <Name>server2</Name> <DropLocation>E:\Builds\Drops\</DropLocation> </Server> <Server Include="$(ConfigFileRoot)server3.app.config"> <Name>server3</Name> <DropLocation>D:\Data\DropDir\</DropLocation> </Server> <Server Include="$(ConfigFileRoot)server4.app.config"> <Name>server4</Name> <DropLocation>D:\Projects\DropLocation\</DropLocation> </Server> </ItemGroup>
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Before You Begin . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 686 Lesson 1: Connecting to Data with Data Source Controls . . . . . . . . . . . . . 687 Understanding the Data Source Controls Using Objects as Data Sources with ObjectDataSource Connecting to Relational Databases by Using SqlDataSource Working with Access Data Files and AccessDataSource Controls Connecting to an Entity Model by Using EntityDataSource Connecting to XML Data by Using XmlDataSource Connecting to LINQ-Based Data by Using LinqDataSource Connecting to Site Navigation Data by Using SiteMapDataSource Lesson Summary Lesson Review Introducing Data-Bound Controls Simple Data-Bound Controls Composite Data-Bound Controls Hierarchical Data-Bound Controls Lesson Summary Lesson Review Getting Started with Dynamic Data Websites Extending and Customizing Dynamic Data Using Dynamic Controls in Existing Sites Lesson Summary Lesson Review Case Scenario 1: Choosing Data Source Controls Case Scenario 2: Implementing a Master-Detail Solution Case Scenario 3: Adding ASP .NET Dynamic Data to a Website 687 690 698 702 703 707 711 712 719 720 721 724 728 741 753 754 756 763 777 781 782 783 783 784
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In the sample window of the Advanced Appearance dialog box, click the screen element you want to change. Then use the lists and buttons at the bottom of the dialog box to make your color, font, and size selections. For title bars, you can specify two colors; Windows creates a gradient from Color 1 (at the left end of the title bar) to Color 2 (at the right end). The Item list includes some items that don t appear in the sample window, so you might want to review it in its entirety before you move on.
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IF OBJECT_ID('dbo.SalesTrendSgn', 'V') IS NOT NULL DROP VIEW dbo.SalesTrendSgn; GO CREATE VIEW dbo.SalesTrendSgn AS
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When you jam loops, you find code in two loops that you can combine into one. Usually, that means the loop counters have to be the same. In this example, both loops run from 0 to employeeCount - 1, so you can jam them. Here s how:
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Table 9-18. Subtree with Enumerated Path
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The final area available on the dialog pages is for comments entered by users as they progress through the dialog process. Comments entered in this area on any dialog page persist throughout the entire dialog process. This is very useful in the case of a call script where the person who is providing the information may disclose details that are collected on another dialog page. In this scenario, the user collecting the information can type those details in the comments section and then use them to complete the responses on the appropriate dialog page as it is displayed. In addition to these display areas, each dialog page includes the following buttons:
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Test Acceptance testing Application building exercises Black box testing Cross-browser testing Cross-platform testing Globalization testing Performance testing Security review Description Validates the application functionality using user scenarios to drive the test requirements. Tests can be executed manually or automated. Team members build applications that consume the deliverable software. Manual acceptance tests performed from the user point of view. All automated tests are run on multiple browsers. All automated tests are run on multiple platforms. All automated tests are run on multiple languages. Measures how fast a particular aspect of a system performs under prescribed load levels. Internal Microsoft security audit standards that cover thread models, identifying attack factors and running the code though security analysis tools. Measures stability of the system under extreme loads; specifically designed to identify issues such as memory leaks and threading issues. In-depth source code analysis validating the coding standards, structure, and how the code maps to the overall architecture.
the Lock method ensures that the data is not corrupted, locking the application frequently greatly reduces the number of requests it can handle . Ideally, data going into the application state should be read only once when it is loaded and should be changed very infrequently, if at all . As long as you re aware of these issues, the application state can be a useful place to store information required by all parts of your application .
TABLE 11-6
View State Security Considerations
If you don t use session state, you can improve performance by disabling it for the entire application. You do so by setting the sessionState mode property to Off in the Web.config file. The following shows an example.
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