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When you first start Windows Vista, you re greeted with the Welcome Center, which contains information about your current configuration, shortcuts to common tasks, and offers from Microsoft. Clicking the Show More Details link leads to the System dialog box, shown in Figure 1-1, which includes a more detailed look at system information, shortcuts to system configuration tools, and a performance rating called the Windows Experience Index.
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Using objects that are ITaskItems is preferred because you are able to pass a richer object to and from a task. Objects of this type can have metadata associated with it, which the task can interact with. We will discuss this concept in more detail later in the next section.
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If you tighten any of these security settings and then visit a page that uses an ActiveX control, you may see one of the following messages in the Information Bar:
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Figure 7-29. Advanced Security Settings
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Time-Critical Highest Above Normal Normal Below Normal Lowest Idle 15 6 5 4 3 2 1
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Building and running this code produces the following output:
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// String containing carriage-return and newline characters String s = "Hi\r\nthere.";
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Enhancements in Shared Workspace Technology
EXEC sp_serveroption <your_server>, 'data access', true; SELECT * INTO <target_table> FROM OPENQUERY(<your_server>, 'EXEC {<proc_name> | (<dynamic_batch>)}') AS O;
The IsDefined method is frequently used to do parameter validation. Here s an example:
In the HelloWorld4 example, we are outputting the value of the Message property on the task into an MSBuild property named PropFromTask. This is why we use the PropertyName attribute instead of ItemName. This syntax takes getting used to, but is easy to use after that. Now let s take a look at a more realistic task that performs some real work. All of the custom tasks that we have discussed thus far were variations of the HelloWorld task. We will now take a look at a few tasks that are actually useful in your own build scripts. We will start with the GetDate task. This is a task that returns the current date in a speci ed format. This task is shown in the following code block.
Figure 6-5: Applications can access XPath through either XmlDocument or XPathDocument. In both cases, the actual query is performed by a .NET XPath navigator object. As you can see, the XmlDocument and XPathDocument classes have different internal layouts. XmlDocument implements XML DOM, whereas XPathDocument provides a more agile and compact structure, designed to speed XPath-driven navigation. (Later in this chapter, in the section "The XPathDocument Class," on page 281, I'll have more to say about this.) No matter the application-level API, the sequence of steps necessary to execute XPath queries on an XML data source is always the same: 1. Get a reference to an XPath-enabled document class (for example, an instance of an XPathDocument or XmlDocument class). 2. Create a navigator object for the class instance. 217
The following exercise will give you a first look at the RadioButton and CheckBox controls. You will build a simple survey, as shown in Figure 4-13.
If you've never experienced the joy of the placement syntax new, the preceding code could appear a little strange at first. The new operator is a very special construct in C++ in that it can take all sorts of different parameters. The call to ::operator new in the code shows that it's passing three additional parameters to new. This version of new is defined as part of CRTDBG.H. At first glance, the problem with the code isn't obvious. The __FILE__ and __LINE__ macros expand to the source name and line when compiled. However, as you've seen, they don't expand into your source and lines. The problem is with the first word in the code: inline. In release builds, inline indicates to the compiler that it's supposed to take the code inside the function and plop it directly into where it is being used 620
Field Name
Figure 2-6 The OFFSET function is very versatile .
Property AllowClose AllowEdit AllowHide AllowMinimize AllowZoneChange Caption ChromeState ChromeType Description Direction HelpMode HelpUrl
E xErcIsE 2 Adding a Progress Indicator
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