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-- Preparation DBCC TRACEOFF(610, -1); IF OBJECT_ID('dbo.T1', 'U') IS NOT NULL DROP TABLE dbo.T1; CREATE TABLE dbo.T1 ( n INT NOT NULL, filler CHAR(2000) NOT NULL ); CREATE UNIQUE CLUSTERED INDEX idx_n ON dbo.T1(n);
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To set specific properties of a text box, or of a two-dimensional shape set up as a text box, right-click the element and choose the Format Shape command from the context menu . After you click the Text Box command button in the dialog box that subsequently appears, you ll have access to several design options .
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Installing the Second Server
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Part IV
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Description Constant containing the maximum value representable by the numeric type. Constant containing the minimum value representable by the numeric type.
A. Turn on ASP.NET tracing and run the website. After that, review the trace results. B. To each of the life-cycle events, add a line of code that will print the current time. c. In the Web.config file, add the monitorTimings attribute and set it to true. D. In the website properties, turn on the performance monitor and run the website.
Each chapter in Part 1 identifies the exam objectives that are covered within the chap ter, provides an overview of why the topics matter by identifying how the information applies in the real world, and lists any prerequisites that must be met to complete the lessons presented in the chapter. The chapters are divided into lessons. Lessons contain practices made up of one or more hands-on exercises. These exercises give you an opportunity to use the skills being presented or explore the part of the application being described. Each lesson also has a set of review questions to test your knowledge of the material covered in the lesson. The answers to the questions are found in the Questions and Answers section at the end of each chapter. After the lessons, you are given an opportunity to apply what you ve learned in a case scenario exercise. In this exercise, you work through a multistep solution for a realistic case scenario. You are also given an opportunity to work through a troubleshooting lab that explores difficulties you might encounter when applying what you ve learned in this book on the job. Each chapter ends with a summary of key concepts, as well as a short section listing key topics and terms you need to know before taking the exam, summarizing the key learnings with a focus on the exam.
Inside Microsoft SQL Server 2008: T-SQL Programming
Figure 13-8. Default Iinstall application dialog After the installation is complete, the application re-launches outside the browser. At this point, the user can reopen the application at any time via the shortcuts they chose during the installation.
Right-click the Performance Monitor display and select Save Image As. Select a location and type in a name for the saved image. The image will be saved as a .gif le. Click Save.
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