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And here s the Visual Basic version:
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Produce Attention-Getting Presentations with Office PowerPoint 2007
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Much of the administrative interface you ve already experienced. In this chapter, you examined each area of the Administrator interface (represented by the manager screens) in depth, so you can now understand the complete system. Proper administration is critical not just to good site functioning, but also to the presentation and organization of the site for visitors. In the next chapter, you re going to do something most Joomla site operators would like to do: created a personalized site template.
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Correct Answers: B and C
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The CLR s Thread Pool Global Queue Local Queue 1 Local Queue n
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The shebang line and associated file type options involve collecting all the Ruby source code associated with an application and passing it on to a user, who then has to either run it from a command line or create a file association. For nontechnical users, these options can prove confusing, and compared to deploying a typical application for Linux, OS X, or Windows, they make Ruby look cumbersome. This is the nature of deploying code written in an interpreted language, because Ruby cannot be compiled down to a single, tidy executable file.
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Part IV
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More Info This particular example uses the new OData endpoint in script to retrieve
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When you write a content page, you access any public properties defined on the bound master page through the Master property. However, the Master property is defined as type MasterPage and doesn t contain any property or method definition specific of the master you re creating. The following code won t compile because there s no SubTitle property defined on the MasterPage class:
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8 . . Update Page_Load to display profile information (if it s there) . Grab the profile object and set each of the text boxes and the calendar control .
changed in one of the core services. How do you recover from this situation (Choose
s Note In versions before 1.5, Joomla included a basic site statistics package incorporated into the Administrator interface. The package was removed because the Joomla team decided that there were existing extensions that provided far more functionality. If you see references in articles or online material mentioning Joomla s site statistics, you don t need to waste your time looking for that capability in the current Joomla version it has been eliminated.
The trick that allows you to distribute the remainder evenly is to use a decimal calculation when calculating the tile_size value instead of an integer one. That is, instead of using an integer calculation of the tile size (num_rows/num_tiles), which truncates the fraction, use 1.*numrows/numtiles, which returns a more accurate decimal result. Finally, to get rid of the fraction in the tile number, convert the result back to an integer value.
Figure I-1 When you install the Elevation Tools you get a set of new right-click options on the context menu in Windows Explorer.
Configure superscopes to provide DHCP service for more than one logical subnet on a
Logical Operators
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