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This method uses reflection to get the type s public and private instance fields (excluding any fields marked with the NonSerializedAttribute attribute) . The method returns an array of MemberInfo objects, one for each serializable instance field . 2. The object being serialized and the array of System.Reflection.MemberInfo objects are then passed to FormatterServices static GetObjectData method:
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Use client-side state management when scalability is the top priority. Use server-side state management when data must be better protected or when bandwidth is a significant issue. ASP.NET uses view state by default to store information about controls in a web form. You can add custom values to view state by accessing the ViewState collection. Use control state when a custom control cannot function with view state disabled. Use hidden fields to store data in forms when view state is disabled. Hidden field values are available to users as plaintext in the HTML.
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Table 7-2. Most Recent One Percent of Orders
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CHAPTER 2: Designing Your Application
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You can use the second to last menu entry to decide alternatively whether the Quick Access Toolbar is shown above or below the Ribbon . Finally, you can also use the last menu entry here to minimize the Ribbon display on the tab titles . You can do this more quickly using the Ctrl+F1 shortcut .
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The following example shows settings in a Web.config file that cause the session state to be stored in a SQL Server database identified by the specified connection string.
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path is a string that describes the virtual path from the Web site s root to this path s location. physicalPath is the physical path to the content stored in this virtual directory. For local content, the path can be of the format X:\Path1\Path2 ; for networked content, the path should be in UNC format, as \\Server\Share\Path1\Path2 . username is a string giving the name of the user whose credentials will be used to access the physical path. If this attribute is absent, pass-through authentication will be used.
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enterprise library objects, facades, and factories
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true false Decimal number SortByTime SortByCategory true false
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Create Professional Documents with Office Word 2007
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checked { // Assume SomeMethod tries to load 400 into a Byte. SomeMethod(400); // SomeMethod might or might not throw an OverflowException. // It would if SomeMethod were compiled with checked instructions. }
Displaying the List of Departments
Implementing the Dependency
private void Connect() { // Create a connection to the specified SQL Server using // a database named MyDatabase and integrated Windows security string conStr = "Data Source=" + sqlServerName + " ; Database=MyDataBase;" + " Integrated Security=SSPI"; sqlCon = new SqlConnection(conStr); // Open the SQL Server Connection sqlCon.Open(); }
click Next, review your orders on the ensuing page, and then click Finish. If your volume resided on a basic disk to begin with, it will remain basic after the expansion provided the space into which you expanded was contiguous with the original volume. Note that no separate formatting step is required; the new territory acquires the same formatting as the original. You are not limited to extending a volume in this manner, however. As Figure 28-5 shows, the Select Disks page shows you available unallocated space on other hard disks as well as the one on which the volume you re expanding resides. If you choose to expand into another disk (by selecting it in the Available list and clicking Add), the end result of your expansion will be a spanned volume on a dynamic disk. What if you want to extend a volume into space on the same disk, but the unallocated space is not contiguous with the volume you want to expand. In that case, Disk Management converts the disk from basic to dynamic (if it was basic to begin with) and displays the extended volume as two non-adjacent rectangles, like this:
Alternate Configuration
Lai, "Microsoft Builds First Major Container-Based Datacenter," Computerworld, April 8, 2008, http://www.infoworld.com/article/08/04/08/Microsoft-builds-first-major-container-baseddatacenter_1.html.
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