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Volatile constructs, which perform an atomic read or write operation on a variable containing a simple data type Interlocked constructs, which perform an atomic read and write operation on a variable containing a simple data type
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Creating the Client
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10 . . Drag the ModalPopup extender from the Toolbox onto the page . 11 . . Add the following markup to the page to set various properties on the new ModalPopup extenders .s This sets the OkControIID property to ButtonOK and the CancelControlID property to ButtonCancel . It also sets the OnCancelScript property to onCancel() (the client-side Cancel script handler you just wrote) . Set OnOkScript= onOk() (the client-side OK script handler you just wrote) . Finally, the following markup sets the TargetControlID property to ButtonSubmit:
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configured to obtain a DNS server address automatically, that computer is relying on DHCP options configured at the DHCP server to acquire a DNS server address (or set of addresses). You can configure options at the reservation level, scope level, or server level. Options set at the reservation level override all others, and scope-level options override serverlevel options. To configure options for a reservation, select the particular reservation s icon in the DHCP console tree, and then from the Action or shortcut menu, select Configure Options. To configure options for a scope (after completing the New Scope Wizard), select the Scope Options folder in the DHCP console tree, and then from the Action or shortcut menu, select Configure Options. To configure options for a server, select the Server Options folder in the DHCP console tree, and then from the Action or shortcut menu, select Configure Options. The dialog box that opens after each of these proce dures is virtually the same. The Scope Options dialog box is shown as an example in Figure 7-5.
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function onCancel() { alert( Cancel was pressed ); } </script>
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Protected Overridable Sub OnDelete( _ ByVal Sender As Object, ByVal e As DataGridCommandEventArgs) Dim dr As DataRow Dim item As String Dim cmd As SqlCommand Me.cn = New SqlConnection("server=localhost;" + _ "Integrated Security=SSPI;Initial Catalog=GolfArticles") Try Me.cn.Open() item = e.Item.Cells(2).Text cmd = New SqlCommand( _ "Delete FROM Customer WHERE CustomerID=" + item, cn) cmd.ExecuteNonQuery() Catch eDelete As Exception Should handle error Finally
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You are an application developer for Contoso, Ltd, a pharmaceuticals company. You have recently converted your internal data analysis application over to an ASP.NET website. This has provided users with additional access to the application and has allowed for easier deployment. However, users are trying to get used to having to search and page through data rather than having a more direct connection to it. One complaint has been lodged about a particularly feature-rich page. This page contains multiple data grids and several user actions. The page can take 5 to 10 seconds to fully load. However, when they are in the page, users typically work on the same page for many minutes. In addition, the page contains a grid of data near the bottom. This grid is searchable and can show only 25 records at a time. Each search or request for an additional page of data requires a refresh of the page. Users complain that they then lose the context of the page and have to scroll back down to the area in which they were working (in addition to waiting another 5 to 10 seconds for the page to load). You have been asked to take a look at these issues and come up with a plan.
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C# [ModuleExport(typeof(ModuleC), InitializationMode = InitializationMode.OnDemand)] public class ModuleC : IModule { }
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The Silverlight Browser Object
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This query generates (on my system) the following output:
The createFromXaml method is a Silverlight content method with which you can define XAML content to add dynamically to your Silverlight control. It takes two parameters. The first is a string containing the XAML that you want to use, and the other is the namescope parameter that, when set to true (it defaults to false), creates unique x:Name references in the provided XAML that do not conflict with any existing XAML element names. You can add a constraint around the XAML using createFromXaml. The XAML you add has to have a single root node. So, if you have a number of elements to add, make sure that they are all contained within a single node containing the Canvas element. Additionally, createFromXaml does not add the XAML to the Silverlight control until it has been added to the children of one of the Canvas elements within the control. So, when you
Your Key Point column heading now indicates the question that your audience is wondering about your call to action in this case, Why should we hire you to help us nd the returns we seek You ll answer their question by explaining the three main reasons why they should approve the plan. Follow the three ground rules described in the section Writing Headlines Using Three Ground Rules in 3 to write out your headlines in each of the three medium gray cells of the Key Point column, prioritizing them in descending order of importance. Limit your headlines to a maximum of about two and a half lines, as shown in Figure 5-11.
MsgBox "Done" End Sub On the same machine, the previous code took 12 seconds to append 50,000 A s to a string; with this code, inserting 50,000 A s into a previously allocated string is instantaneous! Clearly, the issue isn t string handling per se but the allocation of strings. In the GoSlow_Click subroutine, each of the 50,000 times that tstr = tstr & A is called, tstr is reallocated. The problem with this solution for ASP developers is that VBScript provides a Mid function, not a Mid statement, which would be required for use on the left side of the equals sign. ASP.NET will have similar performance when manipulating strings in the same way, but ASP.NET does allow you to use the new StringBuilder class as an alternative. The StringBuilder class has better performance when manipulating lots of strings.
Figure 1-2: How the three product engineering divisions fit into the organization.
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FIGURE 9-6 Referential behavior example
Note For more information on TODAY, see the section Applying Date Functions in 5.
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