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ALTER TABLE dbo.T1 ADD col1 AS dbo.AddOne(keycol) CONSTRAINT UQ_T1_col1 UNIQUE;
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FIGURE 17-24 The Roles page of the Server Manager console
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routines, see Section 31.7, Laying Out Routines. For 1 details on how to create highquality routines, see CODING HORROR 2 7, High-Quality Routines.
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Programming the Control State
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From all the logs and reporting tools, it might seem like troubleshooting VPN connections is a completely daunting and impossible task. Just remember what we said
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Do You Have a Quarter
Click E-Mail Options. Select the user accounts that should receive the report when it s generated. Enter the e-mail addresses for additional recipients in the Other E-mail Addresses box. When you enter multiple e-mail addresses, separate each address with a semicolon. Select Schedule to specify the frequency and time when the report will be generated. Click Archives to view a list of past reports. To see a report, select a report and click View Report. The report will display in an Internet Explorer window (Figure 21-4). Click OK when nished.
In the Workstation GC mode, this latency mode turns off the concurrent GC . In the Server GC mode, this is the only valid latency mode . In the Workstation GC mode, this latency mode turns on the concurrent GC . In the Server GC, this latency mode is not valid .
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// Displays "Richter" // Displays "Jeffrey"
In the lower potion of the dialog box is a button labeled Provision Storage, and
Next, you will set the different style attributes for your TextBoxStyle. Make certain that the TextBoxStyle is still in the Objects and Timeline panel, and from the Properties panel, set the following properties: FontSize: 22 FontFamily: Trebuchet MS Foreground: #FFFF0000 Margin: 5
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