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Integrate PDF417 in C# Part IV

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Ruby comes with a code profiler built in, and all you have to do to have your code profiled automatically is to add require "profile" to the start of your code or run it with ruby -r profile before your source file name (this may be more practical on code you have already written and wish to profile, for example). Here s a basic example: require 'profile' class Calculator def self.count_to_large_number x = 0 100000.times { x += 1 } end
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<PropertyGroup> <PackageBinariesDependsOn> ZipBinaries; FtpBinaries; </PackageBinariesDependsOn> </PropertyGroup> <Target Name="PackageBinaries" DependsOnTargets="$(PackageBinariesDependsOn)" />
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This essentially instructs Excel to do the following (according to the formula in cell M12): If the value in the rL1.CheckMargin cell is FALSE, return the error value #N/A . Otherwise, read the value in a cell related to the rD1.Node cell . Starting at rD1.Node, move down the number of rows specified by the value in cell M5, and move across the number of columns to the right that is currently specified by the value in the rL1.Indicators01Sel cell . The user therefore decides two things here:
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// Three literal strings concatenated to form a single literal string String s = "Hi" + " " + "there.";
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Inside Microsoft SQL Server 2008: T-SQL Programming
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1. In the Reports view, select the report you want to edit. 2. In the grid ribbon, click the Edit Default Filter button. 3. The Report Viewer page appears with the current pre-filter fields. Edit the filter values to fit your needs. 4. Click Save Default Filter. The next time a user runs this report, he or she will see the update report pre-filter fields. Note Report pre-filters apply only to Reporting Services reports, so you can edit the default
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Columns 4 worksheet, Figure 3-16:
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26. Code-Tuning Techniques
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In systems where tempdb is heavily used (explicitly or implicitly), consider placing tempdb on its own disk array, and not on the same drives where other databases are located . Also, stripe the data portion to multiple drives to increase I/O throughput . The more spindles, the better . Ideally, use RAID 10 for the data portion and RAID 1 for the log . Every time you restart SQL Server, tempdb is re-created, and its size reverts to the effective defined size . If you made no changes to the original size configuration after installing SQL Server, tempdb s size will default to 8 MB and its growth increment will default to 10 percent . In most production environments, these values might not be practical . Whenever a process needs to store data in tempdb and tempdb is full, SQL Server will initiate an autogrow operation . The process will have to wait for the space to be allocated . Also, when the database is small, 10 percent is a very small unit . The small fragments will most probably be allocated in different places on disk, resulting in a high level of file-system fragmentation . And if that s not enough, remember that every time SQL Server restarts, tempdb s size will revert to its defined size (8 MB) . This means that the whole process will start again, where tempdb will keep on autogrowing until it reaches a size appropriate to your environment s workload . Until it reaches that point, processes will suffer as they wait while tempdb autogrows . You can figure out the appropriate size for tempdb by observing its actual size after a period of activity without restarts . You then alter the database and change the SIZE parameter of tempdb s files so that tempdb s size will be appropriate . Whenever SQL Server is restarted, tempdb will just start out at the defined size . If you do this, there won t be a need for autogrowth until tempdb gets full, which should occur only with irregular and excessive tempdb activity . Remember that logically tempdb is re-created whenever SQL Server restarts . Like any other new database, tempdb is created as a copy of the model database . This means that if you create permanent objects in tempdb (permanent tables, user-defined types,
Playing and Organizing a Digital Music Collection
his chapter is a basic reference to a collection of useful Ruby libraries and RubyGems that you might want to use in your programs. We re going to look at libraries covering a vast array of functionality, from networking and Internet access to file parsing and compression. The libraries in this chapter are in alphabetical order, and each library starts on a new page with the name as the page header for easy browsing. Below each library s title, several subsections follow: Overview: A description of what the library does, its basic functionality, and why you would want to use it. The overview has no header, but is directly beneath the library name. Installation: Information on where the library is found, how to install it, and how to get it running on most systems. Examples: One or more examples of how to use the library that demonstrate its various elements of functionality. Example results are included, too. This section can be split into multiple subsections, each containing a single example of how to use a particular branch of functionality. Further Information: Links and pointers to further information about the library, including online references and tutorials.
You will get the output shown in abbreviated form in Table 3-14.
Mapping Your Needs
Classify API Callout API
<ajaxEnabled:PassTextBox ID="textbox1" runat="server" width="200" TextMode="Password" WeakCssClass="weak" MediumCssClass="medium" StrongCssClass="strong"></ajaxEnabled:PassTextBox>
Communication Between Modules
Figure 29-8 As an alternative to proceeding purely bottom to top, you can integrate from the bottom up in sections. This blurs the line between bottom-up integration and featureoriented integration, which is described later in this chapter.
Apply step 1-J2 to the sample query:
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