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Note that this is an evolving technology, so your version number attributes and public key attributes might differ slightly. Don t worry if your code was generated by the template, you should be in good shape. Notice that there are two ASP.NET controls referenced on this page. The first is the ScriptManager control, which is an artifact of ASP.NET AJAX and is a terrific control that is used to manage the downloading and referencing of all necessary JavaScript libraries at the correct time and in the correct place. The second is the Silverlight control. Notice that it takes the XAP that we discussed earlier as its parameter. This control will generate the correct HTML code to create the <object> that represents Silverlight to the browser. When you run this page, you see that a lot of HTML and JavaScript is generated. Toward the bottom of the code, shown in bold type here, you ll see where Silverlight is created and pointed at the XAP file. Here s a snippet:
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Occasionally, you need to convert an object from one type to an object of a different type . For example, I m sure you ve had to convert a Byte to an Int32 at some point in your life . When the source type and the target type are a compiler s primitive types, the compiler knows how to emit the necessary code to convert the object . If the source type or target type is not a primitive, the compiler emits code that has the CLR perform the conversion (cast) . In this case, the CLR just checks if the source object s type is the same type as the target type (or derived from the target type) . However, it is sometimes natural to want to convert an object of one type to a completely different type . For example, the System.Xml.Linq.XElement class allows you to convert an Extensible Markup Language (XML) element to a Boolean, (U)Int32, (U)Int64, Single, Double, Decimal, String, DateTime, DateTimeOffset, TimeSpan, Guid, or the nullable equivalent of any of these types (except String) . You could also imagine that the FCL included a Rational data type and that it might be convenient to convert an Int32 object or a Single object to a Rational object . Moreover, it also might be nice to convert a Rational object to an Int32 or a Single object . To make these conversions, the Rational type should define public constructors that take a single parameter: an instance of the type that you re converting from . You should also define public instance ToXxx methods that take no parameters (just like the very popular ToString method) . Each method will convert an instance of the defining type to the Xxx type . Here s how to correctly define conversion constructors and methods for a Rational type:
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BigList<T> Bag<T> OrderedBag<T> Set<T> OrderedSet<T> Deque<T>
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Now that we have looked at some of the new JavaScript IntelliSense and debugging features in Visual Studio 2008, let s take them for a test drive. 1. Start Visual Studio 2008 and select File ~TRA New ~TRA Project from the main menu, as shown in Figure 2-6.
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BuildDe nitionPath BuildDe nitionId Environment Variable Properties
With the Downloader object, you can access network resources from JavaScript. Please note that this object works only if you are running the Silverlight application from a Web server, and it will throw an error if you are simply loading the page from the file system. You create a Downloader object using the createObject method provided by the Silverlight control. Here s an example:
MBR objects can configure their own leases by overriding the InitializeLifetimeService method. The following fragment demonstrates increasing the RenewOnCallTime to 5 minutes and the InitialLeaseTime to 1 hour:
Advanced MSBuild Topics
10. Now let s add code to retrieve results from the dialog. Open the MainPage.xaml.cs file and within the Button_Click event handler, wire up another event handler for the Child Window s Closed() event. In this new event handler, you need to get the Child Window s instance, which is sent to the handler in the sender object. Once you have the window s instance, you can retrieve the DialogResult property, which will contain either true, false, or null. private void Button_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e) { Confirm confirmDlg = new Confirm(); confirmDlg.Closed += new EventHandler(confirmDlg_Closed); confirmDlg.Show(); } void confirmDlg_Closed(object sender, EventArgs e) { Confirm confirmDlg = (Confirm)sender; if (confirmDlg.DialogResult == true) { this.Result.Text = "Terms and Conditions Accepted"; } else if (confirmDlg.DialogResult == false) { this.Result.Text = "Terms and Conditions Not Accepted"; } } 11. Run the application. Press the Register button to display the Child Window. Press the I Accept button from the Child Window. You will see that the Result TextBlock is updated to read Terms and Conditions Accepted, as shown in Figure 4-25.
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