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paging through survey results
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With RotateTransform, you can rotate an element by a specified angle around a specified center point. You set the angle of rotation using the Angle property to set the number of degrees that you want to rotate the item. Consider the horizontal vector pointing to the right to be 0 degrees, and rotation takes place clockwise, so the vertical vector pointing down is the result of a 90-degree rotation. You set the center of transformation using the CenterX and CenterY properties to specify the coordinates of the pivot. These default to 0.0, which makes the default rotation pivot the upper-left corner of the container. Consider this example XAML, which rotates a TextBlock using a RenderTransform that contains a RotateTransform specifying a 45-degree rotation:
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Produce Attention-Getting Presentations with Office PowerPoint 2007
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Correct Answer: D
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The Employees-Projects Table
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Managing a DataSet with a Data Adapter
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The event shown in figure 11-46 indicates a successful logon. It also indicates that the AuthenE tication Package is NTLM.
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3. Creating Assemblies
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C h a p t e r 5 t h e r U B Y e C O S Y S t e M
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Auditing Security Events 1015
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Requests for ancestors of a given node are also common for example, returning the chain of management for a given employee. Not surprisingly, the algorithms for returning ancestors using iterative logic are similar to those for returning subordinates. Simply put, instead of traversing the graph starting with a given node and proceeding downward to child nodes, you start with a given node and proceed upward to parent nodes. Run the following code to create the Managers function:
Figure 3-15 Differentiated comparison of relative quantities in a stacked column chart (100 percent)
Note The Office 2003 web parts add-in, which includes the Office web parts discussed in this chapter,
Deleting Data
The dynamic Primitive Type
C ha P ter 13 W eB a PP LI C a t I O N F r a M e W O r K S : r a I LS , S I N a t r a , a N D r a M a Z e
All date fields (such as Created Date, Start Publishing, and Finish Publishing) feature an ellipsis (...) button to the right of the editing area. Clicking the ellipsis button displays a graphic calendar that allows selection of a date from a calendar page.
7: Type Memebers and Their Accessibility 8: Constants and Fields 9: Methods 10: properties 11: Events
to know that this has happened. Sure, the calling method can call Dispose or Close, but later, some other code might try to access the object, causing ObjectDisposedException exceptions to be thrown. I recommend that you call Dispose or Close at a place in your code where you know you must clean up the resource (as in the case of attempting to delete an open file) or at a place where you know it is safe and you want to improve performance by preventing object promotion so that the Finalize method can run.
You may encounter a business need for which you want a workflow to do something that can t be accommodated through the Web interface tools. In such scenarios, you can use Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 to create workflow assemblies that perform custom business logic to meet your requirements. Custom workflow actions appear in the step editor only after they are properly registered against the entity used in your workflow process. Figure 14-19 shows an example of two custom workflow utilities named Format Line Breaks and Url Builder.
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