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Wrapping Up
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Windows Security Fundamentals
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Dialog Process Basics
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Initiates the bootstrapper
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For each cache manager, you can specify the expiration poll frequency (the interval in seconds at which the block will check for expired items and remove them), the maximum number of items in the cache before scavenging will occur irrespective of the polling frequency, and the number of items to remove when scavenging the cache. You can also specify, in the configuration properties of the Caching Application Block root node, which of the cache managers you configure should be the default. The Caching block will use the one you specify if you instantiate a cache manager without providing the name of that cache manager. The cache manager caches items in memory only. If you want to persist cached items across application and system restarts, you can add a persistent backing store to your configuration. You can specify only a single backing store for each cache manager (obviously, or it would get extremely confused), and the Caching block contains providers for caching in both a database and isolated storage. You can specify a partition name for each persistent backing store, which allows you to target multiple cache storage providers at isolated storage or at the same database.
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NamesIndex Worksheet
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Step 11 is skipped in our example because TOP is not specified.
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In this practice, you manually convert decimal notation to binary notation, and binary notation to decimal notation. You also practice converting subnet masks.
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Page 23
Based on the web.sitemap file shown earlier, the root node has two child nodes About Us and Products. For each of these nodes, an entry into a bulleted list control is created. Figure 8-8 shows the final results.
Which protocol is required for smart cards Which protocol requires the use of certificates What are the special configuration requirements for CHAP When is MS-CHAP v1 the best choice for authentication method When is MS-CHAP v2 the best choice for authentication method What is the difference between authentication encryption and data encryption Which protocols support data encryption Which protocol does not encrypt authentication data Which protocols support mutual authentication Which protocol must be used in conjunction with Active Directory directory service
FROM (SELECT app, (SELECT COUNT(*) FROM dbo.BigSessions AS S2 WHERE S1.app = S2.app AND S1.starttime >= S2.starttime AND S1.starttime < S2.endtime) AS concurrent FROM dbo.BigSessions AS S1) AS C GROUP BY app;
Using Backup Once is not the same as the Backup Now link in Windows SBS Con-
de Complete
B. Boot into Safe mode.
The basic structure of the registry is identical in all editions of Windows Vista, and Registry Editor, the utility for viewing and editing registry data, works exactly the same way in all editions . The only material in this chapter that does not apply to users of the Windows Vista home editions (Home Basic and Home Premium) is the information about using group policy to prevent unwanted modifications to the registry, because Group Policy Object Editor is not included in those editions .
Figure A-2: Dr. Watson Log File View dialog box for Windows XP Dr. Watson Logs Here's the first section of a sample Dr. Watson log: 695
Similarly, the DATEADD function in the SELECT list will refer to @fromdate instead of a literal base date:
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