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A hard fault (also called a page fault) is not an error. It happens when a page t
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LateCharge( customerID ); = Rating( customerID, totalCustomerBill );
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Core Facilities
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Implementing a DNS Infrastructure
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update independently of the rest of the page.
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FIGURE 15-4 The Included Computers page of the Software Update Settings dialog box
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// If the delegate takes no arguments, use () Func<String> f = () => "Jeff"; // If the delegate takes 1+ arguments, you can explicitly specify the types Func<Int32, String> f2 = (Int32 n) => n.ToString(); Func<Int32, Int32, String> f3 = (Int32 n1, Int32 n2) => (n1 + n2).ToString(); // If the delegate takes 1+ arguments, the compiler can infer the types Func<Int32, String> f4 = (n) => n.ToString(); Func<Int32, Int32, String> f5 = (n1, n2) => (n1 + n2).ToString(); // If the delegate takes 1 argument, you can omit the ()s Func<Int32, String> f6 = n => n.ToString(); // If the delegate has ref/out arguments, you must explicitly specify ref/out and the type Bar b = (out Int32 n) => n = 5;
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The following excerpt from a configuration file specifies dependency injection for three public properties of a type named MyOtherObject. Unity will resolve whatever type the BusinessComponent property of the MyOtherObject type is defined as through the container and inject the result into that property. It will also inject the string value CorpData42 into the property named DataSource, and resolve the type ILogger using a mapping named StdLogger and inject the result into the Logger property.
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Base-64 String Encoding and Decoding
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9 Dynamic SQL
Download at
Applies to web client
L2TP portion of the protocol allows for full Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) based session management and control, and therefore, it gives you a flexible and power ful set of traffic management tools to work with. PPTP is a good alternative and is also PPP-based, but its encryption capabilities are primarily password encryption based on Microsoft Point-to-Point Encryption (MPPE), not IPSec, thus allowing for weak passwords which can compromise the security process. L2TP/IPSec relies on certificates, which takes the element of poor password choice out of the equation, thus making for a much more secure imple mentation. This is not to say that PPTP is a bad choice, but if you decide to use PPTP you absolutely must use a strong-password policy with your users and make sure you have ways to make users adhere to this policy. Otherwise, the system can become vulnerable and weak. (Much of the concern in the industry about PPTP focuses on PPTP s reliance on passwords for its security.)
C# public IInteractionRequest ConfirmCancelInteractionRequest { get { return this.confirmCancelInteractionRequest; } } this.confirmCancelInteractionRequest.Raise( new Confirmation("Are you sure you wish to cancel "), confirmation => { if (confirmation.Confirmed) { this.NavigateToQuestionnaireList(); } }); }
That's basically it. You use UDAs just like you use any other built-in aggregate function. To test the new functions, run the following code, and you'll get the same results returned by the other solutions to custom aggregates I presented earlier.
Why This Matters
J. Myers, The Art of Software Testing (New York: John Wiley, 1979).
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