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Every now and then in my beginning programming classes, a student usually a good one will name variables with an extra dose of creativity, and I ll be confronted with something I call the penguin dialect of programming, as shown in Listing 2-1.
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For the exam, remember that UNIX-based DNS servers running Berkeley Internet Name Domain (BIND) 8.1.2 or later can accept dynamic updates.
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public static void Main() { TopTenArtists artists = new TopTenArtists(); artists[1] = "Rubens"; artists[2] = "Gainsborough"; artists[3] = "Yevseeva"; for (int x = 1; x < 11; x++) { System.Console.WriteLine("Artist {0} is {1}", x, artists[x]); }
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Building a Hierarchy of Exception Derived Types
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Adding Tables
Query Tuning
Once you ve decided that you need to create dynamic Web content (and you certainly will), your next decision is to choose the tools you ll use to develop it. In 1, you learned about some of the traditional options, such as the Common Gateway Interface (CGI), the Internet Server Application Programmers Interface (ISAPI), and Active Server Pages (ASP). ASP.NET is the newest tool for developing dynamic Web applications, and in this chapter, you ll find out what you need to know to start using it. ASP.NET development has much in common with traditional ASP development, but it also has many differences. Throughout the chapter, you ll see special notes that I ve added to highlight the differences between ASP and ASP.NET for you ASP programming veterans.
/* Use the insertion sort technique to sort the "data" array in ascending order. This routine assumes that data[ firstElement ] is not the first element in data and that data[ firstElement-1 ] can be accessed. */ public void InsertionSort( int[] data, int firstElement, int lastElement ) { /* Replace element at lower boundary with an element guaranteed to be first in a sorted list. */ int lowerBoundary = data[ firstElement-1 ];
Multihomed computers typically have registered multiple host (A) resource records for the same host name. When a client attempts to resolve the host name of a multihomed com puter by contacting a DNS server, the DNS server returns to the client a response list or answer list containing all the resource records matching the client query. Upon receiving the response list from the DNS server, a DNS client attempts to contact the target host with the first IP address in the response list. If this attempt fails, the client then attempts to contact the second IP address, and so on. The Enable Netmask Ordering option and the Enable Round Robin option are both used to change the order of resource records returned in this response list.
FreeMind Mind Mapping
The PolyQuadraticBezierSegment Object
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