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Have the type implement the System.IEquatable<T> interface s Equals method This generic interface allows you to define a type-safe Equals method . Usually, you ll implement the Equals method that takes an Object parameter to internally call the type-safe Equals method .
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If you want to accurately measure a screen color (i .e ., define its values), most graphics programs have a pipette tool that you can use to point to colors and display their RGB values or HSL values . These programs include very extensive systems for defining and modifying colors . This is important because you ll naturally want to be able to copy any object you create or edit with a Windows-executable graphics program to Excel and use it there for visual impact . Some graphics software may also allow you to use the CMYK subtractive color model . This is useful to the designer at the print or pre-print stage, if not earlier . Some confusion may arise and several adjustments may need to be made in switching between RGB and CMYK/HSL and CMYK when working with the copy shop or print shop at this stage . Some essential basic information about CMYK is provided below: This system mixes the colors (often referred to as process colors ) C = cyan, M = magenta, and Y = yellow, and, if necessary, adds K = (key, or black) to the mixture . The optional inclusion of the key color black creates the contrast or depth of the printed color . Various printing systems require the conversion of colors from the RGB or HSL color system to the CMYK color system . This process is known as CMYK separation . The resulting CMYK colors are similar to the RGB or HSL colors originally defined but are rarely identical to these . A direct conversion of RGB colors into CMYK colors isn t possible . As a result, there are always differences, big or small, between the colors displayed on a monitor and those on the printed page . This is one of the main problems still associated with digital printing: you can t expect the colors you see on-screen to be replicated exactly on paper . It s therefore essential that you insist on getting a proof copy when you place an order for printing, and remember too that the printer and paper used significantly affect how the printed color will appear .
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24 Runtime Serialization
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Or even better, don t use dynamic SQL at all in such cases use static SQL:
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Figure 10-6
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Important To summarize, an assembly is a unit of reuse, versioning, and security . It allows you
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Unacceptable dependencies should by now be obvious. Again, quoting from Protect Your Windows Network: A more sensitive system must never depend on a less sensitive system for its security.
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You should have your users optimize their Microsoft Exchange mailboxes to reduce the time it takes to migrate them to Exchange 2007. If you ve been enforcing strict mailbox limits, this likely isn t a major issue, but if you ve got a couple of users who are special and have seriously large mailboxes, now is a good time to try to get this under control. Anything that removes excess mail from the mailboxes is a good thing, but the most obvious steps are: Ask all users to empty their Deleted Items folders. Ask all users to empty their Junk E-Mail folders. Ask all users to archive all mail items older than some reasonable date. After users have had a reasonable amount of time to clean up their mailboxes, it s usually useful to examine the mailbox store in Exchange to see whether any outstandingly large mailboxes remain. This allows you to have a more direct discussion with the owner of the mailbox to help reduce its size. You can check the size of mailboxes by opening the Exchange System Manager and navigating to Servers, then servername, then First Storage Group, then Mailbox Store, then Mailboxes, as shown in Figure 7-24.
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Path X: T1 going to 100Mbit Router A Network A T1 = 1.55 Mbps Router B 100 Mb Ethernet Router C Network C
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.NET implements all inbuilt numeric data types as structs in the System namespace. C# defines convenient keyword aliases for the fully qualified struct names, so the full names are rarely used. We discussed the C# keywords and their equivalent fully qualified struct names in 4, "Language Syntax and Features." All of the numeric structs derive from the System.ValueType class, which derives from System.Object. The Equals, GetHashCode, and ToString methods inherited from Object are overridden to provide behavior more appropriate to numeric types. GetType still returns a Type object for the struct instance. We'll discuss these methods in the "Members" section later in this chapter. Additionally, all numeric structs implement a standard set of interfaces, provide type-specific members, and are serializable.
10 Tips for Enhancing Act I
The NotificationService element specifies the connection to the activation event service . The service name is an attribute of the NotificationService element, and the ConnectionString element is an ADO .NET connection string for the database where the service is located . Note that for security reasons, only Windows authenticated connections are supported . Even though the NotificationService element is wrapped in a list, the current external activation service only supports one activation event service .
Practice 1 Return to the practice code created in Lesson 1. Extend the Authors.asmx service by adding support for returning a single author as a serialized, custom class that you write. Also, add support for receiving an instance of this class through a service and updating the database.
How It Works: The Business Tier Search Method
Preparing and Producing Professional Results
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