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The Routing And Remote Access service, which provides the VPN server functional ity in Windows Server 2003, can be configured to generate these RADIUS account ing requests separately from connection requests (which could go to the domain controller or to a RADIUS server). This allows an administrator to configure an accounting RADIUS server, whether RADIUS is used for authentication or not. An accounting server can then collect records for every VPN connection for later anal ysis. A number of third parties have already written billing and audit packages that read these RADIUS accounting records and produce various useful reports. IAS in Windows Server 2003 is a RADIUS accounting server and supports recording the connection accounting information to a log file or sending it directly to a struc tured query language (SQL) server database using the new SQL-Extended Markup Language (XML) features of Windows Server 2003 IAS.
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public static class Program { public static void Main() { ValueTypePerfTest(); ReferenceTypePerfTest(); } private static void ValueTypePerfTest() { const Int32 count = 10000000; using (new OperationTimer("List<Int32>")) { List<Int32> l = new List<Int32>(count); for (Int32 n = 0; n < count; n++) { l.Add(n); Int32 x = l[n]; } l = null; // Make sure this gets GC'd } using (new OperationTimer("ArrayList of Int32")) { ArrayList a = new ArrayList(); for (Int32 n = 0; n < count; n++) { a.Add(n); Int32 x = (Int32) a[n]; } a = null; // Make sure this gets GC'd } } private static void ReferenceTypePerfTest() { const Int32 count = 10000000; using (new OperationTimer("List<String>")) { List<String> l = new List<String>(); for (Int32 n = 0; n < count; n++) { l.Add("X"); String x = l[n]; }
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Working with a cryptographic service provider (CSP) . See the System.Security.Cryptography.CspParameters class . Creating, importing, or exporting an X .509 certificate . See the
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class Point { static void Add(Point p) { ... } static void Add(ref Point p) { ... } }
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to raise events. It's no longer possible to clear the event listeners by nulling the event, nor can the event be compared with null to determine whether there are any registered listeners.
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Abstract goal You want to represent the importance of individual elements in relation to their whole and to compare these elements under different aspects and/or conditions . Concrete goal Using the example of the Benelux countries/regions, you want to show the relationships between the number of inhabitants and the surface area, both for each individual country/region and compared against the other two countries/regions .
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string theProperty = e.PropertyName;
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IP Filter Lists
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INSERT INSERT INSERT INSERT INTO INTO INTO INTO dbo.TestRegex(jpgfilename) dbo.TestRegex(jpgfilename) dbo.TestRegex(jpgfilename) dbo.TestRegex(jpgfilename) VALUES(N'C:\Temp\myFile.txt'); VALUES(N'\\MyShare\\Temp\myFile.jpg'); VALUES(N'\\myFile.jpg'); VALUES(N'C:myFile.jpg');
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Inside Microsoft SQL Server 2008: T-SQL Querying
Correct Answers: A A. Correct: By default, RIP keeps its routing tables up-to-date by broadcasting rout ing table information every 30 seconds. In this scenario, the network infrastructure is unlikely to change frequently, and it is safe to increase this interval to 300 sec onds, which decreases broadcast traffic. In this scenario, in which all of your rout ers are servers running Windows Server 2003, you can also reduce broadcast traffic by selecting RIP version 2 multicast as the outgoing packet protocol. However, this option was not given in the question. B. Incorrect: Split horizon prevents the advertising of routes in the same direction in which they were learned. This solution helps prevent routing loops. Disabling split horizon does not reduce broadcast traffic, however. C. Incorrect: Autostatic Update is used only on demand-dial interfaces. It is not appropriate in this scenario. D. Incorrect: By default, routes expire after 180 seconds if they are not updated. You should increase this setting if you increase the Periodic Interval Announce ment setting. However, increasing this setting does not, by itself, decrease broadcast traffic.
Best Practice
3. The Bern branch office has 200 employees, and you want to deploy DNS in a way that minimizes the administrative load for network managers at the Lucerne office. However, you also want DNS servers in headquarters to be updated on any new authoritative servers deployed in the Bern office. How can you achieve these goals
Part V
The picture that appears at the top of the right side of the Start menu is the one associated with your user account (the one that also appears on the Welcome screen) . If you re not happy with it, click it . That will take you to the User Accounts section of Control Panel, where you can specify a different picture .
Description Represents a day Represents a month Represents a period one day long Represents a year Represents a period one month long Hex-encoded binary data An XML 1.0 ID element An XML 1.0 IDREF element List of XML 1.0 IDREF elements 32-bit signed integer Arbitrary long integer Language identifier (see RFC 1766 at http://rfc.net/rfc1766.ht ml) 64-bit signed integer An XML name Local name of XML elements (noncolonized) Arbitrary long negative integer An XML 1.0 NMTOKEN element List of XML 1.0 NMTOKEN elements Arbitrary long integer = 0 Arbitrary long integer = 0 String with normalized white spaces An XML 1.0 NOTATION element Arbitrary long positive
I often hear the question, Should I design a base type or an interface The answer isn t always clear-cut . Here are some guidelines that might help you:
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