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The ImageFile property requires you to indicate a virtual path to a displayable image. If you specify a physical path such as c:\image.gif, an exception is thrown. So if image files are involved, where s the difference between Image and DynamicImage First let s look at the Image control:
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Before taking the exam, review the key points and terms that are presented in this chapter.
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33. Personal Character
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5. Data Types
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Using Auto Playlists
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@Resource(name = "java:/dynadto/BuilderFactory") protected BuilderFactory builderFactory; // DAOs @EJB protected ZipcodeDAO zipcodeDAO; // DynaDTO Builders protected Builder locationBuilder; @PostConstruct public void initialization() { locationBuilder = builderFactory.getBuilder(Location.class); } @SuppressWarnings("unchecked") public List<Location> searchLocations(String zipCode) { List<Zipcode> entities = zipcodeDAO.find(zipCode); return locationBuilder.buildList(entities); } public Location getLocationByZipCode(String zipCode) { Integer id = Integer.parseInt(zipCode); Zipcode zip = zipcodeDAO.getById(id); Location location = null; if (zip != null) { location = (Location) locationBuilder.build(zip); } return location; } public void setZipcodeDAO(ZipcodeDAO zipcodeDAO) { this.zipcodeDAO = zipcodeDAO; } public void setBuilderFactory(BuilderFactory builderFactory) { this.builderFactory = builderFactory; } } Without a database present, we need to create a mock for the ZipcodeDAO collaborator. To create a proxy class that can be treated as the required DAO, we can use the following snippet of code: ZipcodeDAO mock = createMock(ZipcodeDAO.class); To make the createMock static method available to your test class, you need to use a static import (which allows unqualified access to static members) as shown next:
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Int32 Int32 Int32 Int32
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Notice that this business method defines three parameters: one for sorting the data, one for setting the starting record (or page), and one for setting the number of records in a page. You can then use these parameters when defining an ObjectDataSource. You set the control s SortParameterName attribute to the parameter of your business object that is used for sorting data. You set the StartRowIndexParameterName to the parameter that defines the row number at which you want to start retrieving data. You then set the MaximumRowsParameterName to the parameter that is used to define the number of rows you want to include in a data page. The following markup shows an example.
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Page xv What s on the Companion CD A companion CD-ROM is included with this book to provide you with the following tools and information that will help you create presentations with Microsoft Producer. Microsoft Software The following Microsoft software has been included on the companion CD for your convenience: Microsoft Producer for PowerPoint 2002. Install Microsoft Producer for PowerPoint 2002 so you can create your own rich-media presentations. Microsoft Windows Media Player 7.1. Discover, organize, and play all of your favorite digital media files. Windows Media Player 7.1 delivers the best digital media experience for Microsoft Windows and the Web. Windows Media Player allows you to play back your Microsoft Producer presentations in a Web browser. Note that you do not need this version of Windows Media Player if your computer is running Microsoft Windows XP, which includes a newer version of the Player. Microsoft Windows Media Encoder 7.1. Use Windows Media Encoder to convert both live and prerecorded audio, video, and computer screen images to Windows Media Format for live and ondemand delivery. Advanced Script Indexer. Insert markers, URLs, and script commands into a Windows Media Audio (WMA) or Windows Media Video (WMV) file, and changes the title, author, and other text information that is embedded in a Windows Media file. Content The companion CD contains the following content files, which you can use as you are learning about Producer: Sample digital media files. The CD contains sample digital media files, so you can experiment with sample digital media content if you choose. Sample presentations. The CD also contains sample presentations, so you can see examples of presentations that were created by using Microsoft Producer. Tips and tricks. Several additional tips and tricks are included to help you get more out of Microsoft Producer.
{ get; private set; } public override bool Execute() { string path = System.IO.Path.GetTempFileName(); TempFilePath = new TaskItem(path); return true; } }
while ( ( inputChar = cin.get() ) != "\n" ) { ; }
3 Working with Web Parts
Another route source has been assigned a higher preference level.
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Adding the exception-handling code is the right thing to do, and you must have the diligence to do it . Fortunately, the C# language provides a using statement, which offers a simplified syntax that produces code identical to the code just shown . Here s how the preceding code would be rewritten using C# s using statement:
Installing SQL Server (Part Two)
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